Friday, January 23, 2015

Soulprint by Megan Miranda

YA Friday- and off we go! Today I am looking at Soulprint by Megan Miranda, coming out from Bloombsury on Feb. 3rd.

The Story-
Alina Chase has lived in a comfortable prison since she was a child. Why? Because in this brave and bold new world the technology to soul print is now a common form of identification. By looking at your DNA scientists are able to match your soul with a previous incarnation.

In Alina's case, that is the criminal June Calahan. Before June died, she had hacked into the soul database and released private information about people's previous soul links, including mass murderers and rapists. Her revelation threw the world into turmoil. Now, everyone believes that June's soul will rise to the top of Alina's personality and commit the crime once again.

Aided by three others, Alina escapes her prison just before her 18th birthday. They all want to use Alina for the same purpose, to uncover June's hideout and find her database. However, Alina has always felt that she is just Alina, not June. Driven by the others needs, Alina begins to reconstruct June's last days and decipher clues left behind. At first all seems well, but then Alina starts feeling like the clues are leading her to an even bigger mystery, one that will shock the world.

My Thoughts-
A truly gripping tale from Miranda that spotlights injustice and preconceived notions. This story reminded me a lot of how I felt watching the Tom Cruise movie, The Minority Report. I couldn't help but baulk at the injustice of being held captive just because your soul might be linked to a criminal from the past. The entire book Alina is only Alina, her only clues into June's life come from deep research and study. This is never clearer than when Alina is confronted by June's old flame, and it turns out he's a turd, who also has no real connection to his previous incarnation.

There is a hint of romance as Alina finds a bit of love for herself, but mostly the plot is what kept me reading. The mystery that June left behind is intriguing and at first you think you know the whole story, but the deeper Alina goes, the more the reader realizes not everything was as it seemed.

The characters are well written and strong. Their motivations matching their intentions and with a little back story, they become full and real. I couldn't help but dislike Dominic, which I believe was Miranda's intention.

Overall all a thrilling read that takes you for a ride to a surprise ending that will leave you thinking. 4 stars!

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Martin Luther King Jr. Books for Children

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day and welcome to Middle Grade Monday! Today I am spotlighting new books that just came out about Martin Luther King Jr. for children. Interestingly none of them had book blurbs, just seller info.

Hard Copies-
Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Our Holidays) Paperback – January, 2015
by Amy Hayes (Author)
Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing (January 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1502602296
ISBN-13: 978-1502602299

Martin Luther King Jr. (True Books) Paperback – February, 2015
by Josh Gregory (Author)
Publisher: Childrens Pr (February 2015)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0531212084
ISBN-13: 978-0531212080

Kindle Books-
Martin Luther King, Jr. for Children!: A Life of Dignity, a Bold Determination for Justice (African American History Series) [Kindle Edition]
M.J. Martin (Author)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

Martin Luther King Jr. for Kids: The Amazing Story of the Man Who Brought Equality to Millions of People (Black History Month Books) [Kindle Edition]
Ian D. Fraser (Author)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Language: English

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dreaming of Books Hop 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Dreaming of Books Hop hosted by I am a Reader. I have up for grabs a $10 gift code from AMAZON. To enter fill out the rafflecopter below, if you don't see it click 'read more'. Don't forget to hop over to the other blogs. The list is at the bottom.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil by Connor Boyack

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday. Today I am happy to be taking part in the book tour for The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil by Connor Boyack. I read his first book, The Tuttle Twins Learn About the Law , and was blown away. So when I was asked to take part in this tour, I jumped right on board.

The Story- 
Twins Emily and Ethan are learning about the economy in school. To help the children better understand the entire process, their teacher takes the class on a field trip to a supply factory. At first the kids think it'll be boring, but then they learn that so much goes into the making of just one simple pencil, that it really is a miracle that one exists.

My Thoughts-
 Another score by Connor Boyack. This is a great book that takes a giant idea, the economy, and puts it into terms that  children can understand. It is not babyish either, it is right on grade level. At first I was confused by the premise that no one person can make a pencil, but as I read on I understood where the author was going. He explains that a pencil doesn't just pop into being, wood needs to be cut, graphite mined and metal melted. It all involves people around the world working together in harmony, not knowing what their product might end up being.

The end of the book has bonus info, including a glossary and a short bio on Leonard Read, whose essay, I, Pencil, inspired the book. Really good stuff. Of course, I can't forget the illustrations by Elijah Stanfield. He does a great job using bold colors and fun renderings. This is another must read. 4.5 stars!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Anyone? by Angela Scott

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am reviewing a Kindle find- Anyone? by Angela Scott.

The Story-
It was a normal night when the booming began. Sixteen-year-old Tess was grabbed by her father and taken outside to their bomb shelter. He leaves her there to go find her brother. Left alone, with only her kitten Callie, Tess waits, but her Father never returns. She can only wonder at what has happened. After several months in the shelter Tess ventures out to find an empty world, no animal and no humans.

Where is everyone? She wanders and finally comes across Cole, a twenty something guy whose been surviving on his own. He is handsome and rugged with an amazing tattoo of wings on his back.  Tess also recovers her old cell phone, and after charging it listens to a message her father left right after the disaster. He tells her where to go to find him. Even though its been months, Tess decides she's going after him. Cole vows to get her to her father.

Along the way Tess tries desperately to figure out what happened to everyone, and Cole has no answers. Strange atmospheric conditions plaque them and contaminated water makes life a challenge. When Tess's hair begins falling out she knows that if she doesn't find her father soon, she never will.

My Thoughts-
Ah, one of my favorite things, an end of the world disaster book, and this one scored points. Why? Well, I'm going to have to go into SPOILERS, so watch out. At first I thought the book would take part in the bomb shelter, but surprise, the author only has Tess in there as long as necessary to wonder what is happening in the outside world. Once she gets out the mystery of where everybody went blew my mind. I kept thinking she'd find out, but again the author does a great job of pulling the reader along and only revealing hints along the way. When a big chunk of info is revealed mid-story it only caused me to wonder, what the heck happened. We find out what happened to the people, but not what caused the disaster, at least yet. And what happened to the people and animals is awful. Great visuals.

And know the part that has me hoping for a second book- the relationship between Cole and Tess. The entire book it is obvious that there is sexual tension between the two, but Cole firmly keeps them apart and makes Tess understand that he is not going there. He says it is because he's older, but you begin to wonder. And then, nobody seems to be able to see Tess and Cole together. At first you can come up with logical reasons, but the very last chapter blows that away and left me thinking- Who or what is Cole? Loved this book and I want more. 4.5 stars!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I'm Back! Yeah

It's been a bit hectic and I'm sure you've noticed the spotty posting, but as of now, I am back! Christmas is over and I just returned from dropping my oldest off at college for the first time- Wow. Now it's back to normalcy. So, starting tomorrow the regular YA Friday will start up again and then Middle Grade on Monday. Happy New Year to all my readers.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Tuttle Twins Book Blast Giveaway

The Write Path is thrilled to be a part of the book blitz for book two in the Tuttle Twins series hosted by Fire and Ice. As part of the tour I will post a review on Monday, Jan. 12th.

twins_pencil The Tuttle Twins and the Miraculous Pencil

by Connor Boyack In this second book of the Tuttle Twins series, Mrs. Miner leads the twins and their classmates on a fun field trip to learn how pencils are made using parts from all over the world—and how in an economy, people from all over the world work together in harmony to produce helpful products that improve our lives. Teach your kids about the free market with a fun story and bright, engaging illustrations! Purchase

About the Authorunnamed (4)

Connor Boyack is president of Libertas Institute, a public policy think tank in Utah. He is the author of several books on politics and religion, along with hundreds of columns and articles championing individual liberty. His work has been featured on international, national, and local TV, radio, and other forms of media. A California native and Brigham Young University graduate, Connor currently resides in Lehi, Utah, with his wife and two children. Facebook * Twitter

About the Illustratorbio_elijah

Elijah Stanfield is owner of Red House Motion Imaging, a media production company in Washington. A longtime student of Austrian economics, history, and the classical liberal philosophy, Elijah has dedicated much of his time and energy to promoting the ideas of free markets and individual liberty. Some of his more notable works include producing eight videos in support of Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential candidacy. He currently resides in Richland, Washington, with his wife April and their five children.    


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