Monday, November 30, 2015

Brink of Dawn by Jeff and Erynn Altabef - Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Welcome to this stop on the Brink of Dawn Book Tour sponsored by Novel Publicity. Today I have a review and a sponsored giveaway!

The Story- (Goodreads)
Juliet Wildfire Stone and her best friend, Troy Buckhorn, barely escaped their sleepy Arizona town alive. Now they’re speeding to New York City to find the three other Chosen. The Chosen must band together to face an ancient foe that threatens all humanity.

Yet Juliet doesn’t know whom to trust, and strange things are happening in the City.

The Chosen will be tested, their resolve questioned, and their flaws exposed. Each must decide whether he or she will fulfill their destiny—or run. To defeat the enemy, they must stop battling among themselves and overcome their own struggles.

Only one can lead them. Will Juliet embrace her powers in time?

My Thoughts-
Loved it! Read it straight though. So, this book takes up right where the first book, The Wind Catcher, ended. Juliet and her best bud Troy are a great duo. Troy is always by her side, ready to fight at a moments notice, even though he doesn't have any superpowers. Plus, he is a connection to her Native American heritage and keeps her balanced. Juliet really struggles with allowing him to remain with the new group of four, but she only does it because she cares. Of course, Troy follows his own ideas, and I love that.

I enjoyed reading about the other three hybrids and found each of their characters well thought out and fun. I especially couldn't stand (which is a sign of good writing) Blake, the wealthy snot who has so many issues. It is nice to see him change as the story progresses.

Then there is the weird hotel owner, Stuart. I liked that I couldn't figure out much about him and didn't know if he was a good or bad guy. The author uses him to introduce more information about the Deltaite (the bad aliens) and their world.

Overall, a nice, action filled ride that mixes sci-fi and fantasy. I'm really looking forward to the next book now that all four of our Chosen are fighting together. 5 stars!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blog Tour for The Diamond Looking Glass

I'm excited to announce that the blog tour for my latest book, The Diamond Looking Glass, is going on right now! Hosted by Heather from Fire and Ice, please check out the schedule below and swing by the blogs to show them some love! There is a giveaway along with the tour for all THREE books plus a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

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And the winner is...

Congrats to Rosi H. You won the giveaway for Dead Possums are Fair Game. Enjoy :)

Friday, November 20, 2015

FAIRY TALE REFORM SCHOOL- CHARMED Cover Reveal, Sneak Peek and Giveaway

About Fairy Tale Reform School: Charmed:

Charmed is the exciting sequel to the wildly popular Flunked -- second in the brand new Fairy Tale Reform School series where the teachers are (former) villains.

It takes a (mostly) reformed thief to catch a spy. Which is why Gilly Cobbler, Enchantasia’s most notorious pickpocket, volunteers to stay locked up at Fairy Tale Reform School…indefinitely. Gilly and her friends may have defeated the Evil Queen and become reluctant heroes, but the battle for Enchantasia has just begun.

Alva, aka The Wicked One who cursed Sleeping Beauty, has declared war on the Princesses, and she wants the students of Fairy Tale Reform School to join her.  As her criminal classmates give in to temptation, Gilly goes undercover as a Royal Lady in Waiting (don’t laugh) to unmask a spy…before the mole can hand Alva the keys to the kingdom.

Her parents think Gilly the Hero is completely reformed, but sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

Excerpt from Fairy Tale Reform School: Charmed:

Miri’s voice crackles through the magic mirrors in Fairy Tale Reform School. “Let the first annual Wand What You Want hour begin!”
Wands begin popping up in kids’ hands as we walk through the halls, and we all cheer. Pop! My wand arrives in my hand—long, dark-gray, and nicked like it’s seen a few battles. Hmm…what to try first… I’m just about to test the wand out, when I feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Instinct tells me to dive out of the way. When I look up, I see a classmate spelling the troll next to her. The girl turns into an ice sculpture. Geez, that was close. I better stay alert.
Pop! Pop! Pop! Kids begin casting all around me. The crowded hallway is suddenly full of talking woodland creatures, toads, fireworks, and a pretty impressive cloud raining licorice. Kids are cheering and fighting, and the sound of all those wands working is enough to give me a headache. I hurry away from the spell zapping, looking for somewhere to practice alone.
The chaotic hallway disappears behind me, and a new empty hall arrives in its place. I happen to know this hall leads to the school courtyard so I hurry down it and head outside. Ahhh…this is more like it. The warm sun is shining bright high above the castle walls, making me wistful for adventure. I can never sit still for long.
“Pardon the interruption! We hope you are enjoying your wand experience, but remember, all wands disappear at the hour mark so choose your magic wisely,” Miri says. I’m relieved to find no mirror in the courtyard, which means she can’t see what I’m up to. That magic mirror is forever tattling on students for bad behavior. “As a reminder, flying is not advised.”
“Not advised, but she didn’t say it was against the rules,” I say to myself. I flick the wand over my stuffy, uncomfortable pale-blue uniform and turn it into a comfy peasant shirt and pants. I swap out my ugly school shoes for my beloved lace-up boots. Now that I’m comfortable, I get to the task at hand. I’m sure an actual spell would work better, but since I don’t know one, I just imagine myself flying, and Bam! I’m slowly floating up, up, up in the air. Score!
A Pegasus flies by me pulling a coach with four students in it.
“Hi, Gilly!” they shout and wave.
When you save your school from a wicked fairy, people tend to remember your name. Even if you don’t remember theirs.
“Hi!” I say, lying back like I’m floating on a cloud. Wow, this is relaxing. I stretch my arms wide and—oops!
My wand falls from my grasp. Uh-oh. I begin to plummet, spinning faster and faster with no sign of stopping. Before I can even think of a way to break my fall, whoosh! I feel my body hit a blanket and bounce up, then land again on a magic carpet.
“Ten minutes into Wand What You Want, and you’re already having a near-death experience?” my friend Jax asks.

About Jen Calonita:

Jen Calonita has published more than a dozen novels, has seen her works translated into nine languages, and is the recipient of the Louisiana Young Readers Award. When Jen isn't plotting, she lives in New York with her husband, two sons, and their feisty Chihuahua, Captain Jack Sparrow. Visit Jen at

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Just Released! The Diamond Looking Glass- Cleopatra's Legacy Book 3

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! Today I am happy to announce that both the ebook and print book are now available for book 3 in my Cleopatra's Legacy Series. I am so excited to share the adventure with you!

Hot off the press and just in time for the holidays!

Kids will love this fantastical adventure into the heart of Paris, France. Filled with magic and real life Egyptian History, kids won't put this book down.

Available now in paperback and as an ebook-Buy it Now From Amazon

Did you miss the beginning of the adventure?
Check out The Emerald Ring and The Ruby Pendant.


Together they hurried up a set of stairs and into a room filled with coffins and mummies. “This just keeps getting better and better,” said Claire. But, even she couldn’t complain about the amazing beauty of the golden sarcophagi and their bold colorful engravings. Through an archway, Claire could see into the next gallery running parallel to theirs. Along the wall, covered by glass cases, rested pages from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Without meaning to, Claire began walking toward the display. She heard rhythmic voices in her head and had no doubt they spoke the words from the tablets. The voices began chanting, their words rising and falling like music.
            “Hey, Claire, this way,” said Jean-Luc.
            “Did you hear that?”
            “Hear what? Hurry up.”
            Claire snapped out of her stupor, shaking her head in confusion. She moved to Jean-Luc’s side and followed him past the rows of coffins. Claire was still wondering about the voices she’d heard and started when she heard shuffling behind her. When she turned, nobody was there.
            “Is anyone behind us?” she asked her brother.
            “No, we’re the last. Come on.”
            Claire scooted down the hallway, but couldn’t get rid of the feeling that someone was following her. She glanced over her shoulder. The remains of a mummy turned her way, pieces of faded yellow wrapping coming undone.
What? She focused on the mummy, but this time it was still. Weird, she thought. She grabbed her brother’s hand as they ran.
            Finally they made it through the exhibit and caught up with everyone waiting for them in the crypt of the sphinx. The director sniffed as they came into the room, and then turned away.
            “We’re heading to the lower level and into the remains of the medieval Louvre,” he said. “The first part is open to tourists, but once we pass into the restricted level, watch your step.”
            They walked into a long curving hallway. The stone walls resembled a castle’s exterior, rough and patchy. The air smelled damp and sweet, and Claire sucked in a huge breath.
            “The fortress was built by Phillip Augustus to protect Paris from attack via the Seine River,” said the director. “You are walking along what used to be the moat.”
            Claire reached out her hand to feel the roughness of the stones by her side. She let her fingers trail along as she followed the group into a large room filled with arched entryways. Short columns decorated with stone palm fronds sprouted up from the floor.
            “This is the Salle of Saint-Louis, and to the rest of the world, it is the end of the tour. But follow me, we shall descend one floor lower,” said the director.
            Down they went, completely surround by heavy rock. The floor became uneven and the lights flickered as they descended. Then they came to an ultra-modern steel door. The director punched in a series of numbers, leaned over to let a red beam scan his eye, and then he pushed the handle of the vault. The door opened with a hiss of air.
            Heading through the door, Claire stepped into a rotunda. The circular wall before her anchored several steel doors, each the personal vault of someone high up and prestigious. The director led them to one door at the end.
            Jean-Luc stepped forward and entered the La Fleur family code into the keypad. Again, Claire heard the hiss of air as the door opened. She stepped around her brother, squeezing past several of the guards to get a better view. There wasn’t much to see—just wooden crates and jewelry boxes. Then she looked at the far wall, and she finally understood all the fuss.
            The oval mirror rested upright against a bed of black velvet. It looked like an old-fashioned, round handheld mirror, with the exception of the large round diamond attached to its handle.
            They all stood there looking, nobody moving, but then Claire heard a small hum. She looked around, but could not uncover the source of the sound. As the hum grew louder, everybody in the room noticed it, and began looking around, too. Then, the mirror started to vibrate, shaking itself spastically upon its velvet bed.
            Claire’s eyes widened as she watched the mirror inch off its stand. Then, she ducked as the mirror shot straight off the velvet and cruised right at her head. Jean-Luc reached out with an easy hand and snatched it. The mirror quieted, going still in his grasp.

Anne of Green Gables Sale!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Fatal Exchange by Cindy Hogan

I have an exciting YA thriller to review today, Fatal Exchange by Cindy Hogan. It is book 3 in the Christy series.

The Story-
Christy is a 19 year-old spy for Division. She is on assignment in Paris, France when the unthinkable happens. She loses evidence and the man she is sent to protect is murdered. Now on leave, she takes it upon herself to infiltrate the gang of pickpockets that stole her thumb drive. The stakes are raised when it is revealed that a high up political figure is after the thumb drive too, and will murder to get it.

My Thoughts-
Wow, this book starts with action and then just keeps going. I enjoyed every minute of this spy thriller. Christy is an amazing character with outrageous skills. Pretty much the dream spy every youth wishes they could be. She also has a forbidden romance going on with her handler, Jeremy. Though he only appears during the second half of the book, the author does a good job with Christy thinking about him at critical times. And then when he returns mid-way, it is unclear if he still feels the same way about Christy and there is some nice angst.

The setting, Paris, is wonderful. The author takes you to all the tourist spots, including the Louvre. She seems to have a good understanding of Paris and describes places with a fresh perspective. There is a great representation of the culture and it's people. It was also nice to see Christy in a different environment than in the first two books.

Character wise, the head of the Paris division drove me nuts. Why is it always the head honcho that makes stupid calls and doesn't trust the main character? That was a bit cliche for me, but it did add tension and set the stage for Christy having to work on her own.

Overall, I think young readers will love this book. The action, adventure and setting are a delight. 5 stars!