Saturday, April 11, 2009

Starting Out

Which do I like- writing or reading? My answer shifts back and forth. I love reading. I devour books like the cookie monster does sweets. I should probably have my own check out line at the book store. When it comes to writing the answer grows tougher. The craft of writing is its own task master, but well worth it when the final words of a book flow from my finger tips. So what is my anwser?

Truthfully, both.

Reading is where my love of adventure began and writing is where it continues. Both involve the imagination. Whenever I read I see myself within the pages of the book. The action and characters come alive. When I fall asleep at night they are often present in my dreams.

Writing takes the dreams I create on my own and places them on paper. Many people outline their works before they begin. Detailing every event and page. Me, I dream my books. No, not revelation coming from a muse. More like imagining my characters in my inner mind, seeing them as real people and then envisioning the scenes of their lives. Writing is taking the live action movie in my head and putting it down on paper.

So, where and when did I start on my journey to get published? Well, in 2007 I decided to put my thoughts to paper. I'm stilling looking to get published, thus the blog title, The Write Path. My sister-in-law Lauri placed me on the road. She told me to join the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators). Did I forget to mention I love kid lit? The greatest advice given to me that I can pass on to you is to join this international group. Check out their website That's my first message to any out there looking to become a published children's writer.

Next, start writing, along the way attend as many writing conferences as possible. Sharpen your craft with classes and read, read, read as many books in your genre you can get your fingers on. I like to read and write Middle Grade (7-12 yr olds) and Young Adult (12-15 yr olds) novels. My main style is fantasy/fiction.

So join me on my journey. Jumping forward to 2009- I've finished two complete manuscripts. I am currently looking for an agent and a publisher. I'm working right now on a YA novel. The first 60 pages are done, only 100+ to go. Of course that's only the first draft. Rewrites are a whole different story.

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