Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greg Pincus - SCBWI WWA Oct. Mtg.

I had a hoot at this meeting. Our guest speaker was Greg Pincus, writer, jokester, and blogger. An awesome all around guy. I loved his talk. What was it about? Social Networking, yep about this very thing I'm doing now. I came home inspired to reach out and CONNECT.

Some ideas he shared about updates and news included; share your good news, share other people's good news, ask for advice or pose a question, make people laugh and my favorite idea, mention chocolate, yum.

Here's his contact and website info, I think you can learn a lot from his postings. I'm particularly interested in his beginners guide to twittering, something I'm about to dive into. Deep Breath here.





  1. Thanks, Dorine! Don't know when I'll be back up Seattle way or you down in Los Angeles, but perhaps we can share chocolate online sometime soon :-)

  2. Good to see you Greg. I hope you had fun in DC. Chocolate anytime!