Sunday, October 4, 2009

Writing Classes

Well I'm doing it, I'm going back to school. We'll, kind of. I've signed up for a 10 Saturday Course at BCC. One of the members of SCBWI is the teacher so I thought I'd give it a go. Our first class was yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I sat right up front, just like I used to do in high school, I know nerd, anyway the class is about writing a novel in a month. In October we are learning skills. Come November it's National Write a Novel in a month month.
We're starting with characterization. Our homework is to write a personal journal entry every day for our protagonist, antagonist and 1 other character. I wasn't sure what to think, I've never tried it before. I went to lunch after class and suddenly had the urge to write. While licking the butter off my fingers I began my journals, and silly me, the easiest one to write was the villain. I can't wait to see what comes from these writings. The whole pre story seems to be building up in my mind. This is a great assignment. The teacher is Lois Brandt. You can check her out at .

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