Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joni Sensel- The Timekeeper's Moon

Book Review Time!! I had the wonderful opportunity to read an advance copy of Joni Sensel's new book, The Timekeeper's Moon. It is the sequel to The Farwalker's Quest. The release date is March 2010.

I loved this book. It arrived in the mail by 7 pm at night. I tried to read it all in one setting, but by 1 am my husband made me turn out the lights lol. As a sequel this book really works. It is a completely original story on its own. The main character is the same, but her journey is more complex. I liked finding remnants of the old world popping up at different times. It is fun to watch the character's struggle to make sense out of things we take for granted.

I'm not giving anything away, so suffice it to say that the ending wonderfully ties the first book into the second. It's a delicious twist. I like Joni's style of writing. She has a good suspenseful way of leading the reader into the next chapter. The character's have powerful voices, especially the new character, Nace. His character intrigued me the most. There is definitely room for another sequel, so I look forward to seeing what happens in the love triangle we are left with. So, to all my readers', check out Joni's new book and if you haven't read the first one, what are you waiting for?

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