Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Store Addiction

Ok, told my husband I was going to the mall for a little Christmas shopping. I told him I would be maybe an hour, well over 2 hours later I got home. I made the beautiful mistake of heading into Borders.

Anybody else out there like me? I head into a bookstore and suddenly I'm in gaga land. I wander around with this happy grin on my face. Slowly my arms fill with books. In no time I have an awkward bundle piled under my chin. Time to hunt down an associate and ask them to put my pile at the front desk- ahh, more arm space = more books!

First, the bargain books. Every now and then I find a real gem. Next, adult sci-fi/fantasy. Always checking for a new Doctor Who. I know, total nerd, but it is a 30 year habit. Then, I head down the YA isle, there is always something new that I didn't know had come out yet. Yummy. Then I wander around Middle Grade. Interesting- I noticed last night that the MG section had grown smaller and not as many new releases were out. I hope that means publishers are going to be in the market.

Last, I float to the top sales at the front of the store. I like to see if there was anything I missed while scanning the sections. Plus, I get a second chance to look at some books I put back the first time. Yep, some do end up in my pile. I can't help it. Books are an addiction.

Left the store feeling blissful. Oops, I'll have to finish my holiday shopping later.

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