Monday, April 18, 2011

Contest! Free, Autographed, Holly Black Book, RED GLOVE

Win an autographed copy of Holly Black's newest book, Red Glove.

The Rules:

1. You must be a follower of my blog- so sign up.

2. You must post this contest on the Internet ie... your own blog, facebook page or twitter, etc.
3. Leave a comment in the comment section telling me 1. Where you posted the info and 2. Answer the question: If you had the ability to curse someone, what would you do?(keep it pg-13 please)
4. All entries are due in by 9 am PCT on Tuesday, April 26th. I'll then pick the best, most creative curse, (in my opinion) and announce the winner.

I'll then mail the book to the winner!

Good Luck and Spread the Word :)


  1. HI! i tweeted about the contest:!/Bookluver1208

    And if I were to curse all the authors I know into giving me free autographed copies of their books, because lets face it. Whats better than free autographed books? :P

  2. Hi :D

    I would curse this chick in my street, I know to feel the pain she inflects on others while she taste rotten garbage and has to throw up snails at the same time. She is the hateful and hurtful person I know, who can't she how she hurts others. Thats who and how I would curse her...


  3. I tweeted about the contest on my twitter:!/vintagevampyre

    If I could curse someone it would be to curse them with the ability to heal, but it only to work on the people they most despise and not their loved ones. I think that would be a very cruel curse, but that's the point right?

  4. HI! I Tweeted it:
    and I posted it on my FB wall:

    If I had the ability to curse someone, it would be a curse that wouldn't let that person find his/her family. first, His/her family will vanish (they will be teleported to another part of the world) while he/she remains in that place. then How many times she/he tries to find them he/she couldn't. He/She will be alone for eternity. But, If he/she ever find them, their reunion won't last because they will vanish again. hahah! P.S. I'd like to do this to the one I hate.. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. I tweeted this :!/becunique/status/60567351971684353

    - A follower via GFC

    If I had the ability to curse someone, i love to Heal. Healing power will be my first choice since helping others is most wonderful works when it happens to right person and the right time :)

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  6. I tweeted this awesome contest!!

    I really had to think hard about this...I think I'd like to curse people who are rough on their books. I'm not talking about the normal wear and tear of a well loved, favorite book. I'm talking about the people who bend the front cover around so it's touching the back cover, ruin the spine, rip pages. I am SO careful with my books (it's one of my biggest peeves). For this reason, I have trouble loaning out books to other people. No one I know respects their books as much as I do. All of my books, although I have read them, could pass for new. So the people who mangle books, I would definitely curse. What would I curse them with??? Hmmm...probably ban them from ever touching a book again! And if they did, their physical appearance would be marred in some way...all of their hair falling out, hunched back, peeling skin...something reminiscent of what they do to their books. I guess they might be able to get around that by reading ebooks, but to me nothing can take the place of a new print book in my hands!
    Thanks for having this awesome contest, it was fun!, GFC: JamesterCK

  7. Hello. I tweeted about it.!/addiction2books

    Then I posted about it on my blog.

    I am a follower of your blog just as you requested. ;)

    To answer the last question:
    If I could send out a curse, I would curse people to use good grammar. It's a major pet peeve of mine, I guess. I can't stand reading anything- reviews, notes, etc.- that has bad grammar in it. (I understand typos or simple mistakes. It's when someone uses double negatives, doesn't capitalize anything, or doesn't use punctuation in anything that really bothers me.) What's worse is when I'm speaking with someone in person or over the phone and they're using bad grammar when talking to me. So yes, that'd probably be the curse I'd choose. It would be satisfying for me and my own nerves, and would help the other person at the same time to learn. Haha. :)

    Wonderful contest by the way. I'm a big fan of Ms. Black's and have been looking to pick this series up.

    Good luck to all.

    ~The Bookaholic

  8. Thanks for the giveaway. Posted on facebook. follower jokestner
    jokestner at yahoo dot com aka Pimpin' Reads 18+ or
    I would curse evil people into being nice. just sayin. Also retweet on twitter jowannajk

  9. I posted it in my blog :)

    If I had the ability to curse someone? It would be only something minor so the person doesn't know they are cursed, more fun that way yes? Like make them clumsy or have really bad luck, stuff like that.
    I wouldn't use the ability for myself, I would probably use it for others as in, if they wanted to curse someone they just come see me and so on. I don't have any select peeve or something I really hate that people do.

  10. tweeted!

    I think I would curse someone to see everything as it truly is. From the real toxicity of a mean person to the hidden value in something run down.

    Either that, or I'd go all Irish on you and curse everyone who spoke unkindly of me to sprain their ankles so I'd know them by their limping.


  11. I would curse kids who were mean to other kids (I work in a school). Every time they were mean to another kids they have a sneezing fit until they say they are sorry (and mean it!)

  12. If i could curse someone i would curse them to live their least favorite day over and over again for a month. That way they could feel the pain that they caused me!

  13. I really want this book. :) If I were to curse someone it would be to make them feel any hurt they cause someone else. I know this is different than the kind of curses in your books but I just think that would be the ultimate karmic curse. It would surely make people think twice before hurting someone.

  14. I have become a follower of your blog as requested :)

    I tweeted about the contest.!/ADreamer4Life

    And I also posted about it on my blog.

    Now to answer your question,
    If I had the ability to curse people, I would make it so that every time they turned on a mind rotting TV show they would be cursed with an unbearable urge to read a book instead. And it wouldn't go away until they actually got a book and read the whole thing.

    No I'm not an anti TV person, I watch it myself sometimes. And there are some good shows out there that aren't completely ridiculous. But a lot of people sit around and pick the most ridiculous TV shows to watch, that do absolutely nothing but rot your brain and smother your imagination.

    Reading is such a great thing and it actually stimulates your mind, so it would actually be helping them, not hurting them. Plus it would give me a very satisfied feeling to get more people addicted to books like I am, mwahaha :)

    This is an awesome contest by the way, and I adore Holly Black :)
    Good luck to everyone!

    ~Taylor <3

  15. I'm a new GFC follower!
    I tweeted:!/mekyser/status/60747243929616385

    And added the giveaway to my sidebar:

    If I were a curse worker... I would want to work in Luck. It would be great to help others out who maybe just needed a little luck :)

    Love these books and love Holly Black. Would love to have my own copy of Red Glove!!

    AmethystDaydreams at zoho dot com

  16. I retweeted this.!/aliwea

    And I'd definitely curse people with an extra hour in the day. Sure that'll hurt when that extra hour falls in the work day and you're toiling away on the book or in the office. But man, when that extra hour arrives at the end of a wonderful Sunday and you get one more hour on the patio in the sunshine, a cool drink in your hand, it'll all be worth it.

  17. Hello! I followed and tweeted @!/AnneNKenny/status/60756239059140608

    I would curse my kids to see treats and snacks when they are really eating veggies and whole grains. This has been becoming an increasing issue lately.

  18. I would curse people with a sense of common courtesy! No more crowding onto the train before people have exited, no letting your goggle-eyed purse dog bark for twenty minutes in the bookstore, and, just to make it truly curse-like, any thoughts or feelings of wishing to be rude, pushy or oblivious to the feelings or comfort of others will earn you a kick in the pants from an invisible leprechaun.

  19. Darn it - forgot to add that I posted it on Facebook. :(

  20. I'd love to be able to curse people to do things for me using just my mind. To pick up my pencil, get the remote, or even do my homework. I'd only have to think about it and they'd do it. It eliminates the problem of please and thank you's. Not to mention I won't be a nag. Yup, I'm just plain lazy, but this would just make life easier. Don't worry, I won't abuse it, ok, maybe just a little.
    Lindadao2060 at yahoo dot com

  21. April 26th is my birthday. So maybe i'll win something.

    Every week I go to the library. In the same building there is a pool where I swim every week. There are 3 lanes for swimming (slow, medium and fast). Every week there is this lady who swims in the fast lane, but who is quite SLOW. I guess I'm too polite to yell at her (tell her to switch lanes). But if I had the ability to curse someone it would be her. But since I'm too nice i wouldn't want any harm to come to her. I just wish that she would have some awareness of the situation. Look around you. You are slowing me down. And the worst part is that when she gets to the end of a lane, instead of letting me pass she goes ahead!!!

    (okay that felt good to let that out).

    GFC (jennifer)


    jlkalman26 at gmail com

  22. 1. Followed - Thao Huynh
    2. Posted on blog -
    3. I would curse them with not being able to move their limbs, all frozen to stone, so they won't be able to do anything except watch and talk. It sounds a bit harsh...I would turn them into a tree then. Trees are quiet, and they won't hurt people unless struck by lightning or something.

  23. Followed - check!
    Tweeted! :!/mjcwriter

    And now I curse my husband and all male friends/co-workers to menstruate, just once. That is all. Won't ask that question again, will you, gentlemen? {"Is it that time of the month?"}

    Really looking forward to RED GLOVE.. squee!


  24. I posted your contest on my own blog A Thousand Wrongs

    My curse...

    I curse my children with children JUST LIKE THEM! And as my children struggle to manage their children, I will just sit back, laugh my head off, and say "SERVES YOU RIGHT!" Nyah!

  25. I tweeted about your contest (which is made of pure awesome!) here:!/thestoryqueen/status/66312850779553794

    And my curse:
    I would curse people that insult/mock others that whatever they nitpick at, they're cursed with. For example, if a person is laughing at an AUTISTIC kid because they're having trouble communicating their thoughts (not that this totally happened today at my school.. ugh), they would be cursed with that. Hopefully with knowing how it feels to be mocked for something outside of your control, you would understand the situation better and not make the same mistake.

    Thank you so much for the fabulous giveaway! Fingers crossed :D