Sunday, April 17, 2011

SCBWI Western Washington Conference

I just got back from the Spring Western Washington SCBWI conference. It was amazing. I will be posting all about individual sessions in the future.

For now, just a little overview. Saturday started with an Editor/Agent/Art director panel that included Lionel Bender, editorial director of Bender Richardson White; Justin Chanda, VP and publisher for Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers,
Sarah Davies, agent, Greenhouse Literary Agency; Martha Mihalick, assoc. editor at GreenWillow Books; Joe Monti, agent, Barry Goldblatt Literary; Anne Moore, art resource buyer, Candlewick; Tim Travaglini, former editor, G.P. Putnam's Sons; Liz Waniewski, senior editor, Dial Books for Young Readers; Tina Wexler, agent, ICM; and Marietta Zacker, agent Nancy Gallt Literary.

Wow! What a list. The overall consensus was that it is a great time to be in Children's Publishing and also, that debut authors are hot right now.

Next was the keynote address by Deborah Wiles, author of such books as:Each Little Bird That Sings, the Aurora County All-Stars and Countdown. Her great advice: "Ignore any prohibited thing!". Check back later for a blog all about Deborah and her class, Understanding Revision.

Following breakout classes, the final address was given by Emily Jenkins. She is the author of many PB including; Skunkdog and The Little Bit Scary People. Her chapter books include Toys Go Out and Toy Dance Party. Award winning advice included: "Find the voice then push it!".

The dance party that night was a hit and I saw a camera, so somewhere out there are incriminating photos.

Sunday began with a BANG! and a lot of tears. Dan Santat, illustrator, gave the opening keynote. His story is remarkable and will be coming in a future blog. For now, his advice; SIMPLIFY.

After a local success panel and breakout sessions we were treated to a closing given by none other than Holly Black, author of such novels as; The Spiderwick Chronicles (w/ DiTerlizzi), Tithe, and Red Glove. I have a whole lot of information coming about Holly in future posts this week. Her topic was; How I stopped worrying and learned to love plot.

A big special congratulations to Peggy King Anderson, winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Check back tomorrow when I begin my newest venture: Contests to win free autographed books!

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