Friday, June 10, 2011

Book Review- The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan

The Throne of Fire, an upper middle grade read, is book 2 in the Kane series. Written by Rick Riordan and published by Disney Hyperion, it comes in at 446 pages.

The Story- Siblings Carter and Sadie are back fighting to save the world. This time they have joined with the Egyptian gods to help awaken Ra, who has slumbered for thousands of years. Ra is their only hope at fighting Apophis, the god of chaos, who is breaking out of the prison in which Ra entrapped him and who will swallow the entire planet, literally.

My Thoughts- Another home run! Rick Riordan has a way with words, you start reading and you can't stop until the very end. This time our heroes lead a school of children learning ancient magic ways, thus, more fun characters to watch. Plus this book adds the god Bes, god of dwarves, a funny, gross, ugly creature that actually scares people away. His character is hilarious, running around in a red speedo with Dwarf Pride on the butt. Another exciting adventure perfect for kids.

For parents- There is violence, the kids are fighting to save the planet. And as you can expect the book involves Egyptian gods and demons, but that's what fantasy is all about. No bad language or inappropriate situations.

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