Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blip, the YA Imprint of Variance Publishing

First off, a little about Variance Publishing. They are the publisher of this week's giveaway, The Chronicles of Anaedor by Kristina Schram. Check out the giveaway here.
The next information I took straight from their website, . Variance has a two-fold mission. The first coincides with most publishers, the second does not.

Mission 1: To publish the best fiction from new and established authors, launching and sustaining long time bestselling careers for books in the genres of: thriller (techno, political, medical, science, etc) action-adventure, science fiction, fantasy, horror and historical.
Mission 2: To be author friendly, collaborating with authors on all parts of the publishing process and treating them like partners rather than possessions. We want to develop long term and successful relationships with the folks who make publishing possible, the writers.
Next, since I am a children's author I want to focus on their YA imprint, Blip. "BLiP is the Young Adult imprint of Variance, publishing original and previously released fiction for ages ranging from 9-15 years." I had the opportunity to talk with one of the editors, Stan Tremblay, about their children's books.
Question #1, What type of submissions is Blip looking for? " Blip is looking for anything that has thrills and chills, just like Variance, only geared toward a Young Adult audience. Following the same instructions via the submissions page will get you off on the right foot." Variance submissions page.
Question #2, Once a  contract is signed, how long until publication? "That varies from book to book, but typically under a year."
Question #3, Do writers have input on cover art/ interior art? "Of course! As our mission states, we are an author friendly publishing house and I am always looking for input from the author...who else knows the book better?"
Question #4, As Blip gets rolling, how many books do you plan to put out each year? "That's currently unknown. We currently have two ebooks slated for this year (Jaded and Torrein:  Age of Fear) which have the potential to go through a print run for nation wide brick-and-mortar sales. It truly depends on if we get submissions we can get behind and feel that the audience will too." HERE THAT! Send in those submissions.
Thank you Stan!
 My final question I took the answer directly from their website, as an author it is information I wanted to know.
Question #5, What does Variance offer for book royalties to authors? "Variance offers industry standards as a base royalty for all books. 8% for paperbacks. 10% on hardcovers. However, being an author friendly publisher we offer a scale on hardcovers. After a certain number of sales, the royalty increases to 12.5%, then again to 15%, much higher percentages than most publishers offer."
Hope this  helps get you on the road to publication!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! We at Variance truly appreciate your support and look forward to supplying more exciting YA titles from BLiP to the market very soon. Stop by the blog as you think of it (or follow us for up-to-the-minute info) to see what new authors we have signed on, and a description to go with the title they have brought with them, so you can add them to your TBR list.

    Again, thank you!

    Stan Tremblay, Variance Publishing

  2. Thanks Stan, I have loved getting to know you and Variance.