Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Review- Relic Master by Catherine Fisher, Book 1: The Dark City

I love magic and mayhem. YA fantasy novel, Relic Master- The Dark City by Catherine Fisher has both. This 376 page book, published by Dial, is the first in a four part series. And the really cool thing, all 4 books come out this summer. #1 The Dark City- May 17, 2011. #2 The Lost Heiress - June 14, 2011. #3 The Hidden Coronet - July 12,  2011 and #4 The Margrave- Aug. 9,  2011.

The Story-  Anara is a strange world where members of the "Order" are being hunted to the death by the "Watch". Once a group worshipped by many, now they are magical relic hunters on the run. This story concerns Relic Master Raffi, who has lost his powers and his apprentice, Galen. Together they travel into the dark city of Tasceron, a place of fire and evil, to find an ancient artifact that will hopefully save the Order and restore Raffi's powers.

My Thoughts- This is a quick read and I really enjoyed the fast pace. With the other three books coming out soon, it is the perfect length. I was fascinated by the world of Anara, I kept thinking that it was a post apocalyptic Earth, mostly due to all the technological relics that are found. It wasn't until the very last chapters that I realized I was wrong. Plus, the ending leads perfectly into the second book, I am so excited to see if the "Masters" come back. I wish there'd been more use of magic, I was a bit uncertain to what powers the Order actually have. The sense lines confused me. Are they ley lines? If there'd been more magic thrown around I would have had a better understanding. But, still, it did keep me guessing and I really want to read book two to find out what happens. Even though it's YA, I think older middle readers will love the book too.

For Parents: A little bit of violence as the Watchers hunt the Order, but nothing bad. All other aspects were fine.

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