Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Get to Know Diversion Press

For Inside the Publishing World Wednesday I am taking a look at a little publishing house called Diversion Press. They began business in 2008 in Tennessee and describe themselves as, "a small publisher looking for quality books."

What do they acquire? They have so far published 15 works including Children's, YA, history, non fiction and  poetry. They are working on anthologies that include horror shorts and poetry. In regards to non fiction, they publish academic books in the Humanities and science realms, with special interest in works on terrorism.
What don't they want? "We are interested in a limited number of adult novels.  Please do not send anything with graphic violence or graphic sexual content, nothing that puts children in a bad light, and nothing overtly religious, anti-religious, or evolutionary.  No romance or westerns."
Things to know before you submit- They do not offer advances or advance contracts, however they do offer royalties on sales. They do not take simultaneous submissions. You must have a fully polished MS before you query, but don't send it unless requested. Manuscripts are not returned, they are recycled.
How to query? Send an email, no attachments!  Include in your proposal your target audience, the marketability of your work, and how it will compete against similar works. If they are interest they will get back to you in 4-5 weeks.
Contact Info- , Attn: Acquisition Editor.

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