Friday, August 26, 2011

Book Review- Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure by BK Bostick

First off, I love the name. Who wouldn't want to read a book where the lead character's first name is Huber. Anyway, Huber Hill and the Dead Man's Treasure is a Middle Grade book of 257 pages published by Cedar Fort Publishing.
 The Story- Huber Hill, nicknamed Puber, doesn't have many friends. Even his twin sister Hannah, all-star softball player, stays away. Bully Scott McCormick has free reign to terrorize the boy. Then one day things change, Huber finds out a secret about Scott and they become best friends.
Huber also finds out a secret from his Grandpa Nick about ancient Spanish gold that is hidden in the mountains near their  home. The three kids; Huber,  Hannah and Scott, set off on the adventure of a lifetime as they follow a worn out old map into the raw and wild mountains. Unknown to them a killer is also after the treasure, tracking them step by step, he will stop at nothing to get the treasure that once belonged to his ancestors.
My Thoughts- This is definitely an upper middle grade story due to the violence depicted throughout the book. Quests are my favorite thing, and these three kids set off on their own solving clues from a treasuree map. The presence of Salazar hunting the children is chilling. The author did a good job of pacing tension that builds and builds. Plus, this guy keeps coming back. You think the kids have won, and bam there Salazar is again. It is very intense. I really enjoyed reading this book. I found the children's characters well developed. The truth behind Scott's original bullying is so true to real life. The character of Huber grows throughout the story, from victim to hero, facing danger eye to eye. And Salazar, wow, totally creepy character, well written and believable.The children's parents are likeable too. The two fathers come after their children, determined to save them at all costs, the theme of bravery runs deep throughout the book.
For Parents- The violence I mention all revolves around Salazar hunting the children and not being afraid to kill them for his goal, the treasure. The children have several confrontations with the killer and the guy gets pretty mangled up, and he still keeps going. There is no bad language and romance wise, there is a first kiss underneath a waterfall, very sweet.

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