Friday, August 19, 2011

Book Review- Variant by Robinson Wells

Hold on to your hats! Variant, by Robinson Wells, is a ride into a young adult fantastical mystery that keeps you reading and reading. I stayed up to midnight, I couldn’t put it down. Published by HarperCollins, it runs 223 pages and is part one in a series.

The Story- Foster child Benson Fisher wants to improve his life. He’s tired of switching homes every few months and applies for a scholarship at a prestigious private school, Maxfield Academy. He begins to doubt his good luck when he arrives at the school, fifty miles from no where, surrounded by two huge walls, and evidently, no way out.

His school mystery only deepens when he enters the building. There are no adults, the students rule things in gangs and teach their own classes. Plus, there are security camera’s everywhere. Benson is told the rules and warned that if he messes up bad enough, he’ll get detention, and nobody returns from detention.
Benson is determined to escape, but the harder he tries, the more strange information about the school comes to light. Is this some kind of strange experiment? Are the kids being trained to be super soldiers? Nothing makes sense.

My Thoughts- I loved this book. I read so much that often books with common themes blur before my eyes. This one stood out, full of excitement that did not end. Plus, I could not figure out the mystery of the school; that alone kept me reading. If you’ve read Maze Runner by Dasher, this book is in that same vein. You spend the whole book trying to figure out the mystery, only to have it solved at the end and a whole new one put before you. Go buy this book! It totally ranks high on the creepy suspenseful scale.

For Parents- There is violence, lots of fighting and some death. There is no sex.

Expected Pub date is Oct. 4, 2011. Pre-order it now from Amazon, just click on the banner below.


  1. This sounds so good! Thanks for sharing - love the enthusiastic review.

  2. It is a book worth the time to read. Loved it.