Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Get to know Ginger Clark- literary agent at Curtis Brown LTD.

I had the chance to meet Ginger Clark for the second time at this summer's PNWA conference. She is a literary agent with Curtis Brown, were she has been working since 2005. Her early credits include graduating from  Bryn Mawr College, working as an editorial assistant at Tor Books, and previous to Curtis Brown, working as an assistant literary agent for Writer's House.

What does she represent? Middle Grade, Young Adult and Adult contemporary fiction. NO Picture Books.

What genres interest her?  Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance and literary horror. NO thrillers or mysteries.

Her take on the closing of big bookstores- "The collapse of Borders will not be positive on the publishing industry."

Is she taking on new clients? Yes! She prefers emails with a query and contact info. She'll respond in about two weeks if she is interested. If you snail mail her, send a SASE and know that it will take a bit longer to get back to you.

When NOT to query her-  Around the Frankfurt and Bologna Book Fairs and also during winter break Dec. 15- Jan.5. She also pointed out that during July and August she has a 25% increase in queries, so maybe not then either.

What does she think about small presses and self pub?  It all depends on the book's sales. If it did good, then she'd be more than happy to represent the next book.

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