Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Julie Matysik - editor

Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday. Today we are looking at Julie Matysik, editor at Skyhorse Publishing. I had a fun time meeting her at this Summer's PNWA conference.

First, a little background info- Julie graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a bachelor's degree in English. She spent time teaching in Japan and later at a Wisconsin preschool.  In 2008, Julie moved to New York where she worked part time at the Irene Skolnick Literary Agency. Now she is at Skyhorse Publishing where she is helping to launch their children's imprint, Sky Pony Press. 

Now some publishing details. Julie is looking for picture books, middle grade and some young adult. She wants books that inform a child of the world around them, makes them ask questions and helps them deal with special needs. In regards to YA, Sky Pony is only looking for books that deal with special need interests. She also is looking for middle grade graphic novels for boys.

Sky Pony's first list included 15 books from overseas and from other Skyhorse Publishing imprints. Their second list is more on par with their future goals and includes 25 books, 7 from new authors. Julie stresses that before you send her a query, check out  Sky Pony Press on the web and see what they want. She won't even read a pitch if it doesn't fit their themes and genres. Sky Pony press is a new hardcover imprint in a tough market, but because they love books, they want to fill the niches that are out there in children's lit.

Most queries that come her way are via email, however, she warns that if she needs to scroll down more than twice she probably won't continue on or read it later.  Her favorite queries involve some personal information about the writer. She also wants to know why Sky Pony would want the book or why is it important? Finding comparable stats is a good idea.

Check out Julie and Sky Pony Press at


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