Wednesday, August 3, 2011

YA Book Signing- Third Place Books

For Inside the Publishing World this week, I want to tell you  about the YA summer extravaganza I attended on Sunday. The event was held at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA. (Support your local Indie!)

Attending were 6 YA authors: Cat Patrick- author of the book Forgotten, Kimberly Derting- author of the current release Desires of the Dead, Lisa Schroeder- author of the new release The Day Before, Mandy Hubbard- author of the just released Ripple, Suzanne Young- author of the newly released A Need So Beautiful and Eileen Cook- author of the just released The Education of Hailey Kendrick.

I had a wonderful time listening to each author speak about their creative inspirations and writing advice.  Kimberly Derting mentioned that her Body Finder series was inspired by her husband, who one day shouted out: what if you write a book about a kid that finds dead bodies?

Then there was Cat Patrick. Her advice for inspiring writers was to put your work away after the first draft and let it sit for a few months, then take it back out and look it over with fresh eyes.

A Need So Beautiful, by Young, was inspired when a close family member was told they were going to die. Suzanne,  upset, went shopping and while sitting at a table a nice old lady came over and spoke to her. The words were exactly what she needed at that moment and inspired the idea, what if there were people out there who said just the right thing at the right time?

I loved Eileen Cook's advice to writers. She told of a personal experience, back before she was published, when she was talking to a friend about being scared to send out her manuscript. Her friend said something like, Eileen, I hate to tell you this, but you're already an unpublished author, what is the worst that could happen?

Mandy Hubbard told of her desire to write a paranormal book, but with a need to make it realistic. She hunted online for different creatures she could write about, when she found sirens, she new she'd found her character; one that spent most of the day as a human and nighttimes as a boy luring murderer.

The consensus of all the writers was that in the past there were not enough books for young adults, now there is much more variety. Lisa Schroeder mentioned VC Andrews as really the only choice in her youth. Derting said that because of the lack of YA she went from Charlotte's Web to Stephen King. Sweet Valley High books were also mentioned, but then there was a straight jump into adult books.

I really enjoyed my time with the authors, look for upcoming book giveaways (SIGNED), book reviews and if I'm lucky, author interviews.


  1. So jealous you got to see all these great authors!

    - Amanda

  2. It was great. Usually I only get to see authors at conferences.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I was bummed that this happened the week before I was going to Seattle for work stuff (including my regular stop at Third Place in Lake Forest). But now I feel a little less bummed. :)

  4. Cool and don't worry, the books will be coming up in some of my giveaways.