Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Review- Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Did you know that dragons left human descendants that live among us today? Welcome to the world of Firelight, a YA paranormal by Sophie Jordan, published by Harper in 2010.

The story- Jacinda lives a life of secrets. Unable to come out during the daytime, she can only be her true self at night, her draki self. But, like many teenagers, she breaks the rules and flies during the daytime, attracting the attention of hunters, her people's sworn enemy.

Threatened with wing clipping, Jacinda flees with  her mom and sister into the dessert, far from her beloved moist forests. The dry dessert begins killing her draki side, an event that will leave her fully human. Desperate, Jacinda clings to the one thing that stirs her inner draki, a young hunter boy named Will. While hiding her secret from him, her past comes back to bite her as a young draki  from her home hunts her down. Now, she is living a dangerous life, hiding from her past while pursing her future.

My Thoughts- A Romeo and Juliet type tale. The whole time you're reading the book you wonder how Will and Jacinda will make it, but of course, that is half the fun. It was different to read of the draki, half humans who can turn into dragon like creatures that fly.  I haven't read a half breed dragon book in awhile, so this idea wasn't boring.

Jacinda's character is fierce, her love for her family struggles against the reality of losing a part of herself. She does what she needs to do to survive. Something you feel is necessary for her character. Her love interest, Will, is a likeable guy. From the moment he unknowingly meets Jacinda in her draki form and finds her beautiful, against his families beliefs, you are rooting for him to break the mold.

I was surprised at the ending. As I was reading, this felt like an all in one book. However, when I got to the last few pages I realized it wasn't wrapping up, there would be a sequel. The more I thought about it, the   more I liked it. I really want to see what happens if Jacinda returns home. I want her to fight for her place among the draki and still be with Will. Lucky for me I did a little research and book 2, Vanish, just released last week! (Sept. 6, 2011)


  1. Awesome review. I have added it to my ever growing to read list!

  2. Great! And the best part is book 2 is now out so you don't have to wait.