Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lynn Price- editor Behler Publications

Lynn Price, an editorial director at Behler Publication, is also an established author. Among her works is the award winning Donavan’s Paradigm and The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box. Behler is a small independent publisher that deals in non-fiction and social relevant fiction.
Twelve of Behler’s titles are award-winners, including the Ben Franklin Gold Medal winner East Fifth Bliss, which is being made into a movie. Price gave great editorial advice at this year’s PNWA meeting.

Her first tip, know the marketplace. Writers don’t seem to be in touch with who their competition is. They need to know how their work will sell, if it is unique, and what some comp titles are. “Learn the business” and be well read in your genre.

Next, know what you want from a publisher. Mainstream publishers are there to back you up. If you e –pub then you are a party of 1 and it can be really tough. Know what you are getting into. Some more advice regarding e-pub, she mentions that some of the works out there probably shouldn’t have been born to begin with. Right now there is “no litmus for talent”, anybody can publish. She thinks the e-pub world needs to marinate more.

Regarding her own personal editing style, she does not like it when people refer to their works as a cross between this story or that author. She just wants to know the story. Also, she likes to know some comp titles.

Another thing, she does like a writer to have an agent first. She states that agents are a godsend when communications break down. In fact, she likes having her sales mentioned in Publisher’s Marketplace because that brings agents to her.

If you’d like to get to know her better, check out her blog-, where she speaks to authors around the US about issues that face today’s writers.

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