Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shane Thomson- editor Variance Publishing

Let’s get to know Shane Thomson of Variance Publishing, a small publishing house that focuses on thrillers, fantasy, and adventures. Right now they are also moving into science fiction and the Young Adult and Middle Grade markets.

Shane is committed to working with authors to bring out the best they have to offer. He works up close and personal on each project and involves writers in every step of the process.

At the PNWA summer conference 2011, he told us that as Variance has delved into the e –book world, it has brought back life to the company. They still do some brick and mortar sales, but they are now more focused on the e world. He says the magic price for an e-book is $2.99. He also advised, “Don’t be fooled, the editorial process is every bit as rigorous and exacting as any hardcover edition.”

As an editor, Shane will take a look at any writer, agented or not. He told us, “We will gamble on you if you gamble on us.”

Things you need to know before sending them a query: no advances are given; submit through email, they do take a bit of time to respond. At the moment they are closed to submissions, but hope to open up in the new year.

Check out their website for all the requirements:

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