Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review- Destined- A House of Night Novel

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Destined, the newest House of Night Novel, from PC Cast and Kristin Cast just hit bookstores, and of course, I scooped it up. This YA paranormal is 325 pages and published by St. Martin’s Griffin.

The Story- Zoey is home, her soul put back together, and her friends by her side.
Still living underground in the Tulsa Depot, Zoey and the red fledglings soon find themselves back at school at the House of Night, along with human maintenance crews and a new student, Aurox. Though Aurox is associated with evil Neferet, Zoey feels an immediate connection to him and can’t figure out why.

The crux of the story is that Zoey’s mother was brutally murdered at Grandma Redbird’s lavender farm and Zoey wants to know how and why. A member of the vampire high council, Thanatos, invokes Stevie Rae’s earth infinity to find out the truth, but the price is high, another death is demanded.

Weaved amongst the main story are the side stories of Dragon Lankford, the sword master and Kalona, the immortal. They both have choices to make. Will they redeem themselves or suffer darkness to win?

My Thoughts- OK, this is the tenth book in the series and sometimes things get stale. I’m happy to say that Destined did a good job keeping up the pace. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to keep coming up with new story arcs, but somehow the Cast’s do it.

First off, Zoey’s character might be the main heroine, but this book is really more of a group story. The previous books have set everything up so that now the story can be told without so many side tracks. Stevie Rae and Rephaim, Zoey and Stark, and Aphrodite and Darius are all couples, plus Neferet has cast aside Kalona and completely sided with darkness. The stage is set. So even though the first several books are fuller of action, these ending books are more satisfying as the stories are drawing to a close. Plus, by now you’re really invested in the characters.

A new character is introduced, Aurox. From the very beginning I liked him. You know he’s someone special, and you really figure out who he is towards the beginning, but Zoey doesn’t until the end. I can’t wait to see what role he will play in the next book.

This book is a YA novel; there is sex, violence and language. I believe the whole series is for older YA.


  1. Thanks for this review. I pick this one up at the library tomorrow. I was really unsure about it because for me the series did start to get stale and I didn't love how the broke off the story lines to make it a group story. I understand it was to make an effort to keep the story fresh, but it really bothered me. I started to come back around with the last book, and it looks like I will continue to stick with this series.

  2. Hi Lisa, I agree. Things started to drag on and I actually thought the last book a little too slow. I was happy with this one though, it brought back some of the original magic. But, I do think the series is probably near its end.