Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ebooks for children?

I was recently at a conference where the following statistic was quoted, 75% of all children's books are bought at a brick and mortar store. I was so happy to hear this news. I'd begun to worry about the traditional publishing route for kidlit writers. Publishing contracts often take 2 years to fulfill and if the world switches to epub what will happen?

Thankfully many people feel like I do. Children need real books, with pages and pictures. An interesting article just came out in the New York Times. The article talks about how the kids of e-book-loving adults still prefer paper for their own books. It also brings up the subject/debate about if anything is lost by taking a picture book and converting it to an e-book.

Check out the article by Matt Richtel and Julie Bosman here-


Above picture is of a Kindle Fire.


  1. So happy to read the Richtel/Bosman article! Thank you for providing the link!

  2. My pleasure. Interesting article to read.