Saturday, December 31, 2011

Query Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Glenn Jason Hanna! Your query was picked by Variance Publishing to win the 5 page Manuscript Critique.

Here is the winning query:

When three brothers find a girl stealing tomatoes out of their garden, the eldest one wants to tell their parents, the youngest one wants to beat her up for stealing. The Middle child recognizes someone in trouble, so Jason Teller give her something to eat and offers up his garage to sleep in for the night. His older brother rats her out to his parents anyway, the girl is taken away by the authorities and 11 yr old Jason never sees her again.

 Two years later Jason is visited by an older version of himself, now a great scientist who has invented time travel, only the device is faulty and the 102 year old Jason cannot return to his own time. Desperate, the older Jason gives the time machine to his younger self and tells him to hold until the he is older and can fix it. Under no circumstances is he to use it, but really, what thirteen year old can resist a time machine?

 Now Jason Teller is trapped, bouncing around from 1990's Florida to Confederate Tennessee. At first he vows to leave history alone, but touched by the people he encounters he begins to tamper with past events trying to change history for the better, which is easier said than done. But Jason is determined. He will get home, he will right past wrongs including his own when he fails the girl he once met stealing tomatoes in his own backyard. Glenn Jason Hanna

Congratulations to Beth Wade! Rafflecopter picked your query to win second place, a query critique.

I will send your query and email on to Variance so they can do the critique.

A big thanks to everyone who entered. More contests will be coming soon.