Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Review- Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey

Its book review time! I’m reviewing one of my favorite authors today, Mercedes Lackey. Her newest book is Beauty and the Werewolf, published by Luna, and is number six in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.

The Story: Isabella Beauchamps lives with her father, stepmother and two step sisters. Bella pretty much runs the show, taking care of the household and running the errands. One of her favorite things to do is visit “Granny”, the wise woman of the town, who lives in the woods.

On one of Bella’s outings, she ends up coming home too late and is attack by a wolf. Bella comes to learn that Sebastian, a local nobleman and wizard, is a werewolf, and that he’s the one who bit her. Now, she is forced to live in his castle, with his invisible servants and strange half brother Eric, the woodsman. She must live, isolated from her family, until it is determined whether she will turn into a werewolf.

Living at the castle is lonely, but Bella soon begins running things, just like back at home. She turns Sebastian’s invisible servants into an unstoppable, yet friendly workforce. She also ends up dressing as a boy and learning to be a junior huntsman with Sebastian’s brother.

Throughout all her new adventures, Bella is working on one problem that becomes dear to her heart, breaking Sebastian’s werewolf curse.

My Thoughts- This book is an interesting remake that combines both little red riding hood and Cinderella. I had a fun time figuring out which pieces of the story belonged to which fairytale.

The story itself is light hearted and interesting. Lackey does a great job adding tension to the plot by introducing two mysteries. The first is the mystery behind Sebastian’s invisible servants. The second, and predominate quest, is solving Sebastian’s werewolf curse. I really think the two mysteries are what make this book a success.

There is violence in the book, so I recommend it for teen and up.


  1. It sounds like it's got some Beauty and the Beast in there too! Looks like a good read.

  2. I love fairy tales. I will put it on my Goodreads to-read list. Thank you!