Sunday, January 1, 2012

Book Review- Replication by Jill Williamson

I have a very interesting book to review today. It is a YA sci-fi called Replication by Jill Williamson. The novel deals with cloning and when science goes too far.

The Story- In the underground labs of Jason Farms, live 55 boys, all clones. One of these clones, Martyr, is anxiously awaiting his eighteenth birthday, the day he expires. He is excited to fulfill his purpose, to save humanity.

The doctors who run Jason Farms have told the boys that above the labs, the earth is toxic and full of diseases. The boys have been created to allow the doctors to experiment and find a cure for the toxins and illnesses. But, Martyr has one wish before he dies. He wants to see the sky.

Above the labs, in the real world, lives Abby, seventeen year old daughter of Dr. Gonyer, one of the lab’s scientists. Abby is dealing with the loss of her mother from cancer, her father’s new job and their move to Alaska. At school, Abby is sought after by quarterback extraordinaire, JD Kane, who she wants nothing to do with, and is annoyed at his arrogance.

Then, Abby has the greatest surprise of her life. One night, she finds JD hiding in her room! But, is it really him? It looks like him, but with a bald head. Abby meets Martyr, and her whole world changes. Together, Abby and Martyr try to bring the world the truth about Jason Farms, but the doctors are after them and will do anything to shut them up.

My Thoughts – This is a really good, thought provoking book. The very first chapter, where Martyr is introduced, is heart wrenching. The injustice of the clone’s lives and the experimentation that they endure makes you mad. The doctors believe the boys aren’t “really” human and that they are justified in their experiments.

The subplot that runs through out the book is Abby’s faith in God, and her belief that what is taking place is immoral. Many books can be heavy handed about religion, but I found that though religion is mentioned a lot, it fit in perfect with the story and I wasn’t put off.

The pacing of the book is fast, action, action, action, with touches of romance. A good read for 12+.

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