Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bree Ogden- Agent D4EO Literary

An interview with agent Bree Ogden from D4EO Literary Agency.

First a little background: Bree graduated with a Master’s degree in Journalism from Northeastern University. Currently she is an agent at D4EO in Seattle, WA. Bree handles middle grade, YA, new adult fiction, graphic novels, YA nonfiction, and art books. She loves the darker side of literature and is the co-founder of Underneath The Juniper Tree

What is Bree looking for?

Well, she tells me she just signed a dark historical and is also holding a robot MS, so now she’s looking for a great sci-fi novel, something like a space opera in the Battlestar Galactica genre. She is also looking for books in the Madmen era, books about girls trying to find their way in the world. Think, Mona Lisa Smiles.

Also, if you have a book about bullying, ready to go, editing all done, then send it her way. She wants to move on that subject ASAP.

What she doesn’t want to see- NO romance and no happy endings. She does not like Chick lit and even though zombies are ok, she says she can’t sell them right now, so don’t send them.

She offers writers a bit of advice, “Make sure when you’re reading a blog post to see what an agent wants, that you check the date.” The needs of agents and authors change as the year progresses. If you find a blog post from 2010, it is very out of date.

I asked Bree if she actually reads the queries that are sent her way. She responded with a definite yes! She reads all the queries. However, if you send attachments, she trashes those emails right away. If you’re going to send a sample of your writing, paste it into the email.

Her advice to writers at all stages of the game – Use social media. Make sure you are on Twitter and Facebook. Write a blog and build your platform. Want to know more? Check in next Wednesday for my overview of Bree’s Whidbey Island Workshop, Guerrilla Marketing.

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  1. What's the contact info for her - I'm assuming it's not the same as her website Under The Juniper Tree - does her agency have a site?