Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get to Know author and literary agent Mandy Hubbard

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview author and agent, Mandy Hubbard. She is the author of Prada & Prejudice, You Wish, Ripple, and many more YA novels. Currently, she is also a literary agent at D4EO where she represents middle grade and young adult fiction.

How do you balance your time between being an author and an agent?

Balancing my time is tricky for sure, but not as hard as it sounds. I can’t be creative for more than a couple of hours before I have to put my personal author-work away. There are definitely times when my slush pile sits a little longer than I’d like, but I still am pretty quick on responses—I think a little ahead of the curve. I empty my inbox almost every morning, so I know my clients are getting answers to their questions within 24 hours, which is SUPER important to me. So, I am busy, but I manage.

How many people are on your list now and how many do you feel comfortable handling?

I have seventeen clients, and there’s still room there to grow for sure. Many of my clients write a book or more a year, but others take longer or are working on books already under contract, so I’m not necessarily working on something for each of them at the same time.

What is your advice for future writers?

Work on your craft at every chance you get, and don’t get too discouraged by rejections. Take what feedback you can get and use it, but remember that there is not a single book in existence that is universally loved. I really like the story of RL Stine’s CARRIE – he was so sure it was crap that he threw it into the garbage can –literally—and when his wife was cleaning the house, she found it and insisted he finish it.

What is your new book about that is coming out this summer?

My next release is DANGEROUS BOY, about a girl and her very perfect boyfriend, who has a rather sinister twin brother. Initially, her boyfriend keeps this a secret, and even when she learns about his existence, her boyfriend continues to hide the dark details of their past. The further she digs into their history, the more she puts herself at risk.

Additionally, I asked Mandy what she is currently looking to add to her list. With a big smile, she replied, historical, harlequinesque romance. She would love a historical “Luxe” style genre romance. Mandy likes happy endings and pretty much will look at anything you send her. However, she wants people to know that she is over paranormal romance and dystopian.

She also enjoys a good fantasy set in the real world

If you are going to send her a query, she asks that you follow the query formula and don’t try to be clever. She reads all her query letters and just wants to know about you and your book. She also mentioned the fact that it is not cool to send the same query to an agent using different emails or fake names. That will always get you a big NO.

Her website-
Twitter- @mandyhubbard
To find out more about Mandy’s advice regarding queries, check back next Wednesday when I go over her Whidbey Island Conference presentation- Querying 101.

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  1. Wasn't it Stephen King who wrote Carrie? His wife Tabitha fished it out of the trash, I believe.. :)