Monday, March 26, 2012

Hope's Journey Blog Tour and Giveaway

I have a wonderful YA book today from author Stephanie Connelley Worlton. It is a drama called, Hope’s Journey. I was hesitant at first because this book has a religious background, however, I loved it, and I want to share my feelings. Plus, I'm offering my review copy in a giveaway. Just fill out the rafflecopter form below. If you don't see it, click 'read more'.

The Story: Sydney and Alex have been a couple since their sophomore year of high school. They are both LDS (Mormon) and are trying to live a righteous life. However, like most humans out there, they slip up. They immediately pull back and try to sets things right, however, days before graduation, Sydney finds out she’s pregnant. All their hopes for the future are dashed. Alex is unable to go on a church mission and Sydney ends up turning down academic scholarships to good universities.

The book follows both Sydney, Alex, their friends and their families, over the next several months as everyone tries to deal with the life changing mistake and plan for the their new future.

My thoughts: First off, I am LDS and this book struck a deep cord with me. It brought me back to my days at BYU, and my boyfriend, who was preparing for his mission. I remember how hard it was on me when he left, and all the deep feelings involved. This author does an amazing job getting across true emotions. I’m sure it’s because she lived through the circumstances herself.

The story is told through both Sydney and Alex’s POV. It is amazing how the teens face everything so differently. The only thing I found iffy was that Sydney never seems to get mad at Alex for leaving. I think I’d have a few moments of anger! But, the story is so well told. Both Sydney and Alex travel down different roads trying to figure out their future. In the end, I felt this book was actually more Alex’s story, because he’s the one who makes the dramatic change. His is the last voice we hear and his journey brings things full circle.

For more information about the author, Stephanie Worlton and the Hope's Journey Blog Tour, check out Stephanie's own blog- . She'll be sponsoring a few giveaways herself, including the opportunity to win a $20 Amazon gift card.

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  1. Thanks Dorine. I believe Hope's Journey has the potential to help many lives. I appreciate your support!

  2. My husband is Christian and his parents are devout so it really doesnt bother me at all.

  3. Oddly, even though I'm LDS, I don't care for LDS fiction. I've only read a few, mind you, but haven't been impressed. It's not the religious overtones but the overall quality of the writing. A good story is a good story - religious or not. This book sounds interesting and I might consider giving it a try on your recommendations, Dorine. :)

  4. It depends on how it's handled. I have no objection to people having religious beliefs but I don't want to be told what to think.