Friday, April 13, 2012

Book Review- Beyond by T.P. Boje

I have an interesting self published YA paranormal for you today. The author contacted me via email and sent me the books herself. I was happy to give them a go, especially because they are paranormal. I’m very picky with self published books, so I was happy to find this one well written. Written by T.P. Boje, book one of the Afterlife series is entitled, Beyond.

The Story- Meghan, age 16, is dead. She doesn’t remember why or how or even her own family. Her new reality involves other dead people at a school for newly deceased persons. The school is run by angels and other dead spirits. In school Meghan is taught how to fly, walk through walls, and distinguish evil spirits, or Se’irim.

Meghan is enjoying her new friends, especially the hot new school cook, Mick. But of course, teenagers get into trouble, whether dead or alive. One day, Meghan follows some friends through a mirror in the basement. She is transported back to earth where she meets and befriends Jason. She breaks all the rules and continues to visit him daily. But, when she finds out he is on a list of people about to die, she is forced to choose between the two worlds.

My Thoughts- The reason I agreed to read this series was because the hook caught me right away, a school for angels. It is something fresh and not really delved into yet in the paranormal world- Lots of fallen angels, but not angel schools. I’m glad I took the chance. The book is a lot of fun and contains a couple of mysteries that are engaging and make me want to head straight to book two.

First off, there seem to be secrets out there, and nobody will tell the newly dead the whole story. And then there is Mick. I have a feeling he is more important to the story than is let on in book one.

Another thing I enjoyed is the ending. In many books the hero takes it upon themselves to go against the rules, but ends up saving the day. In this book, Meghan’s decision is full of real life consequences that she did not foresee. I liked this development. It made the book seem grounded and the choices real.

So far, so good. I’m off to read book two, Serenity.


  1. I have been debating on reading this :) Like you I was attracted to hook to start. Maybe one day soon I shall pick it up. Great review.

  2. It's a great book - and I couldn't put down the two following either. Has the author revealed to you whether - and when? - she will publish a number four?