Friday, April 20, 2012

Book Review- White Witch by Trish Milburn

Today I review a YA paranormal entitled White Witch by Trish Milburn. Published by Bell Bridge books, it came out in March.

The Story- Jax is a witch, born to a family of witches. The only problem is that Jax doesn’t want to be like them. Her coven, in fact all the covens she knows about, are all evil. So, she runs away, desperately hoping that if she doesn’t use magic, they won’t find her, because if they do, she is dead.

Jax ends up in Baker Gap, a small mountain community. She enrolls herself in high school and begins trying to live a normal life. All is well, until she falls for Keller, a supernatural hunter and son of the local Reverand. Keller falls for Jax too, and soon it is hard to keep secrets. Especially when Egan, a witch from another coven, shows up on her doorstep, claiming to have runaway too.

Things get bumpy when Jax and Egan realize there is an evil influence up the mountain causing people to plummet to their deaths. The only way to stop the evil is to use their magic, but doing so will bring the covens to their front door.

My thoughts- I always like books where the main character is special but is trying to live a normal life as a teenager. Jax is a brave character who is willing to face death just to live a better life. She is sick of the horrible things her family does and wants out. You realize how brave she is when you read that her mother wanted the same thing, and was killed before Jax’s own eyes.

There is also a good touch of mystery in the book, something I love. Egan and Jax seem to be the only good witches out of hundreds of evil ones. How is that possible? Why aren’t there other good witches? To discover the truth they have to look for an ancient book believed to have been destroyed.

White Witch is a fun YA read. The story ends off foreshadowing the second book.

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