Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Weepers by Susanne Winnacker

The Weepers, by Susanne Winnacker, is a YA end of the world novel published by Marshall Cavendish. It hits shelves May 12, 2012.

The Story- Three years ago a plague of rabies began. Sherry and her family have lived in a bunker hoping to avoid the worst.  But, their food has run out and now Sherry and her dad must leave their place of safety to hunt for food. Emerging into the sunlight they find a world that has been blasted away, no people in sight. Their first stop, Wal-Mart, is ill fated and they come across the victims of the rabies plague, now mutated human creatures known as the weepers, monstrous creatures that weep white filmy liquid from their eyes.

Sherry is rescued by Joshua, a hunter, and taken to live in his safe haven, a vineyard near LA. Desperate to find her dad, who was abducted by the weepers, Sherry and Joshua head into the remains of LA for a rescue 
mission. What they find isn’t pretty.

My Thoughts- First off, yes another book where everyone is wiped out by plaque. But, this one has a great twist that the reader discovers as the plot advances. The ending is perfect, a nice fresh approach that drew me in. That being said, I’ve reviewed enough books about end of the world scenarios and I have a feeling the trend is coming to an end.

There is action, adventure and emotion all mixed into a nice package. I really thought the idea of having Sherry’s dead grandpa wrapped up and lying in the bunker freezer chilling. (hehe) A budding romance develops between Sherry and Joshua that teens will love. And in general there’s enough blood and guts to be interesting, but I didn’t find it over the top. A little annoying is the countdown that Sherry is always giving about when such and such last occurred, but I just began overlooking it.

The big hit of the book is the conspiracy theory that plays out. I can’t give it away, but it really is what sets the book apart. I say give it a read.