Friday, May 4, 2012

The Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler

The Shapeshifter’s Secret is a YA fantasy by Heather Ostler and published by Cedar Fort Books.

The Story- Julia is you typical high schooler. She loves hanging out with her best friend Sierra and sometimes sneaking out at night to go to parties. Her dad, Lancer, is an over protective father who goes so far as to put bars over her windows when he hears about her evening activities.

Julia just can’t understand what’s up? Her dad won’t even talk to her about her mother, who she hasn’t seen since an infant. Things change when Julia turns 16. Suddenly she begins undergoing periods of intense rage and can’t control her actions.

Things escalate to the point where Lancer finally tells Julia the truth that she is a shape shifting princess from another dimension. And, now that she knows, they must return and fight the evil government that has sprung up since they left. Plus, her mom is and evil hag, yep!

My Thoughts- A great piece of fantasy. I really like that the book goes way beyond shape shifting and tells a story of political intrigue. The shape shifting is but a side plot. I also like the little romantic triangle that begins between Julia, Caleb and Terrence. The whole book I’m thinking, there’s something wrong with Terrence, but he seems to be a great guy. And then I’m thinking, she should be with Caleb, but again nothing happens. A great way to string along the reader, especially since the end of the book leaves us with Caleb desperately trying to tell Julia something, but he runs out of time. Cliff Hanger!

One idea that I thought strange was that this other world celebrates Earth holiday’s like Christmas. Why would they? But that is just a quirk; the story itself is intriguing and fun. The characters have some depth that I don’t think we fully get to in this first book and then there is Julia’s mother. What a character to hate!

Overall, a great YA read.

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