Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Book Blast- Reunion- ARC Giveaway and $50 Amazon Giftcard

Welcome to the Book Blast for Reunion by Hilary Weisman Graham. Along with the $50 Amazon Gift Card (enter on the rafflecopter form below) I am personally offering up my ARC of Reunion. To enter just leave a comment telling me what was your favorite concert ever and why! Mine was Bon Jovi- New Jersey at the Capitol Center in Washington DC circa 1991. We used lighters, not cell phones :) Contest ends midnight 6/18/12.

The Book- Alice gets the graduation gift any kid would want, a revamped 1976 VW camper van, also known as The Pea Pod. She really wanted a laptop. Well, life kind of sucks that way. For instance, her best friend MJ just got sent to China to spent the summer with family.

Alice takes things in stride and checks out her "new" car, which used to be her old pre-teen clubhouse. The interior is still the same, a tribute to her favorite rock band Level3. She used to spend all her time in there with her middle school best friends Summer and Tiernan. But, the band broke up, the girl's friendship broke up, and now life has moved on. Four years later, the girls aren't even in the same circles.

But, Level3 have announced a one time reunion show in Texas, and Alice decides it's time to but the group back together. Buying tickets to the show, she invites her ex best friends for the road trip of a lifetime.

The Author- Hilary Weisman Graham is an Emmy-nominated broadcast television producer and independent filmmaker. She has written, directed, and produced two feature films. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and son. Right now she is working on a screenplay for The Disney Channel.

You can visit her at http://www.hilarygraham.com/
Check out her blog at http://hilarywgraham.wordpress.com/
And Tweet with her @HilaryGraham https://twitter.com/#%21/HilaryGraham

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  1. Thanks for participating in this one!

  2. My favorite concert is a tie between the Evan's Blue concert I went to where I got a drumstick from the drummer, who signed it, and got a poster signed by them and Winter Jam when I saw Skillet! :)