Friday, June 1, 2012

Book Review- Albrek's Tomb (Adventurers Wanted #3) by ML Forman

Welcome to the third installment of The Adventurers Wanted series, Albrek’s Tomb by ML Forman. It is a YA fantasy novel published by Deseret Book.

The Story- It’s time for another adventure, and this time Alex is equipped with his staff, marking him a true wizard. He teams up with some old and new friends, including Kat a Seer, Arconn an elf, and Thrang the dwarf and current adventure leader. Together they go on a quest to find Albrek’s Tomb, and the ring of seeking that it contains.

Their journeys take them far, including an island of bones where a city of dwarves mysteriously disappeared over a thousand years ago. There is also an abandoned oracle tower, a hidden dragon that wishes to be left alone and a city held prisoner by an evil necromancer’s power. Through it all our heroes are tested and refined. Alex himself learns truths about his own heritage and blood line. Plus, a Dwarven war is averted.

My Thoughts- I love this series! It takes me back to why I love fantasy to begin with, back to those teenage days of reading Dragon Lance and Forgotten Realms. This quest is so much fun, full of adventure and great twists. Alex is a great character that is full of unknown power, but is humble and a joy to read about.

And there are dragons, and I love dragons. Some books really get boring, but this one just keeps giving. Plan after plan rolls out as you read the book, and hidden conspiracies are uncovered. It is wonderful how everything ties together. Magic, quests, dragons, elves, and magic bags that contain rooms big enough to hold a greenhouse or blacksmith’s shop, what more can you ask for?  A great fantasy book perfect for all level of readers, elementary school on up.

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