Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Brandi Bowles- agent Foundry Media

Let’s meet Brandi Bowles, agent at Foundry Literary + Media. She has been involved in the publishing world for just under 10 years now, beginning her career at Random House in 2004. I was lucky enough to meet her at the Summer PNWA 2012 conference.

What does Brandi represent? “I’ve done just about everything in nonfiction." She likes “great new ideas combined with platform.” She leans towards humor, narrative, and big concept books. In fiction she wants, “great storytelling.” Her lists include literary fiction, commercial fiction, women’s fiction, YA and MG. She likes strong female bonds and psychological or scientific themes.

What does she look for when you send her a query? “Rich, fully developed characters and excellent writing.”

What does she think about self-publishing? “It is the difference between a one man band or an entire team of people who know already how to market and sell. Publishers have massive sell teams.”

Her advice to writers? “Know your genre.” If you are writing young adult, “your character should actually be a teenager.”

What makes a good client? Someone that can take constructive criticism. She says, “Don’t be too defensive about your work.” Agents are there to help you.

A little info about Foundry Media- “Foundry is a full-service literary and media development agency. We are dedicated to providing the most positive and profitable publishing experience for our clients. The Foundry team is relentless in finding new and diverse ways for our clients to reach wider audiences.”

Interested in sending a query? Send your query to ONE agent only. For fiction include: Query letter, synopsis, 1st 3 chapters and an author bio. For Nonfiction include: Query letter, sample chapters, table of contents, and an author bio. For more info check out their submissions page-

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