Friday, August 3, 2012

Silver Knight by Caron Rider

A YA paranormal for everyone today. The book is Silver Knight by Caron Rider.

The Story- 17 year old Diana realizes she's not just your normal teenager, she is in fact a demon slayer that has been reborn countless times throughout history. Not only that, but the love of her life turns out to be a demon whose main goal is to punish her with cruel deaths in whichever lives he finds her.

In this life, Diana recognizes a bishop at the Vatican whom she saved in a previous life. Now, he calls upon her to rid the catacombs beneath Vatican City of an army of Demons. But, something doesn't seem right to Diana, so for the first time in history, she gathers a group of demon hunters to accompany her to Rome.

Once there, Diana meets Alexander, her demon lover, but he tells her he has changed. Can she believe him? And the demons beneath the Vatican? Well, there's more going on there than Diana realizes.

My Thoughts-This is one of those self-published books that found its way into my hands, and that I liked. Yippee! It is always a relief to like a book that has been sent to me for review.

The unraveling of Diana's past lives takes up the beginning portion of the book, which works out well to pull the reader into the story. By the time she knows the truth, she is knee deep in the mystery of the Vatican. Her character is fun, and getting to see her past lives is enjoyable.

Now, onto demon lover Alexander.  I could not stand this character. The author does a great job making him a deplorable creature who throws Diana's love back into her face and tortures her time and time again, all for a stupid mishap in the past. The author did such a good job with this character, that when the time comes to believe he's changed, it made me mad. I didn't think he deserved a second chance, but the author uses him as the repented love interest who saves Diana. UGH! If I were Diana he would not have gotten off so easy.

The other supporting characters are interesting. They are other demon hunters who have also been reborn throughout time. As you get further into the book, the author reveals who they were in their first incarnation. This is a fun aspect, however, the flashbacks are a little long winded.

Overall, a really interesting paranormal read.
You can find author Caron Rider at or tweeting @Caron_Rider

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