Saturday, August 11, 2012

The End of Infinity by Matt Myklusch- review and giveaway

Welcome to The End of Infinity by Matt Myklusch, the third and final book in the Jack Blank trilogy. Matt has offered one lucky reader a signed hardback copy! Just fill out the rafflecopter form below.

The Story- At the end of book 2, Jack finds himself a prisoner of the Rustov. Now, a year later, his friends have arrived to rescue him. But Jack isn’t the same boy he used to be, he’s been augmented by the Rustov and his infection is growing.

Back home in Imagine Nation the people see only Jack’s Rustov parts, and order his immediate death. With only his friends to defend him, Jack is forced to flee. But time is short, the Rustov attack fleet is coming, and Jack doesn’t know if he is strong enough to defeat the parasite inside him. It’s time for Jack to choose, Imagine Nation or the Rustov.

My Thoughts- A great end to a wonderful trilogy. I’ve enjoyed this entire series. It is full of action, heroes, and robot space aliens. The true struggle is the battle one faces within their own soul, and I’ve never seen it done so well as in this series. Jack fights with every part of his being to stay strong, and he learns that even if his body is broken, his will is strong.

Matt does a wonderful job pacing the story. There is not one moment of boredom. And the question of what Jack will become and what choice he will make is never clear until the end, and by then, you don’t know if he is strong enough for his own decision.

Another bonus to this story is the amazing side characters. Jack has a whole cohort of friends and mentors who stay with him until the bitter end. Each character is well developed, with their own quirks, powers, and emotions. There is no confusion about who is saying or doing what.

Jack Blank is a hero for this middle grade generation, and I recommend this book, and trilogy, for MG and YA.

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