Friday, September 14, 2012

Book Review- Beautiful Lies By Jessica Warman

Are you ready for a mind blowing YA thriller? Well, I have the perfect one for you, Beautiful Lies, by Jessica Warman.

The Story- Alice and Rachel are twins, and nobody can tell them apart, which helps whenever they trade places. They also have a very close connection. When one of them is hurt or injured, the other fills the pain or gets the bruise. Personality wise, the twins are totally different, with Rachel being the good twin.

The twins attend a local carnival, and the twists begin. One of them is kidnapped, and it is up to the other to find her. The one twin knows terrible things are happening to her sister, because she can feel the pain. The problem is that nobody seems to want to help, and even if they did, could they be trusted?

My Thoughts-(PART 1) If you are looking for a twisty turny YA thriller, this is it. The author does an amazing job at creating a fast paced, action filled, tense story. The sub plots pretty much melt away, and the focus is on the twin sister relationship. You can't put the story down, personally, I read it in one night because I just had to get to the end.

While you’re reading you never know if what you’re reading is true, plus, several red herrings are thrown into the mix. Because the sisters switch places, this leads to many questions as you read, but the author does a good job keeping things straight, because I didn't get confused.

And now the ending, wow. Very dramatic and filled with emotion.

MY Thoughts- (PART 2 w/SPOILERS) I finally decided that I couldn't review this book justly without getting deep into the story. So, spoiler alert.

First, The author does an amazing job letting the reader get to know Rachel. I mean she isn't even in most of the book, but because of Alice's portrayal of her,  you get to know her intimately.  It is an amazing journey Alice makes as she learns the truth about Rachel, that she's not the perfect sister, has a real problem with her twin, and is in love with Tony. Alice's shock at knowing they aren't as close as she thinks is crushing.

Next, the author throws in so many different elements, you often don't know what is real. Me, I think it was all real, (except the money bag, can't figure out her delusion about that). The bond between the twins is true. When one is injured, it happens to the other. However, Alice is special beyond that bond. I believe that she is gifted, able to perceive things, have visions, and yes, talk to ghosts. She seems just like her grandma, unfortunately, we see that path also leads to going insane. I liked that Kimber is able to show Alice the truth, and I feel that in the future, Alice would have been able to get help.

The author's ability to foreshadow is a real technique. I believe (but could totally be wrong) that the couple at the beginning of the book, leaving the fair, is actually kidnapping the little girl. Why? Because the little girl seems terrified, and just wants to go home. She looks back at the twins begging for help. Also, the guy has an unkempt appearance, that Alice picks up on right away, smelling the rot of his teeth. Later in the book we know that her sense of smell is a good indicator of right and wrong.

This book is a real masterpiece. The more I think about it, the more I'm amazed at how the story was woven together. This is a must read YA book.

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