Friday, September 14, 2012

Demons by Heather Frost

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Demons is a YA paranormal written by Heather Frost and is book 2 in the Seers trilogy.

The Story- Kate is back, and so are the demons that are hunting her. Tony and Patrick, her guardians, try to protect her, but there is only so much they can do with a strong-willed girl. To make matters worse, the demon lord has developed a virus that can affect the “immortal” guardians. Kate finds this out the hard way when Patrick, who is also her boyfriend, contracts the disease and has less than 2 weeks to live.

Kate takes it upon herself to save him, heading to Las Vegas to confront the demon lord and his top assassin, Fear Dearg. But once there, surprises and plot twists are in store, and what was simply dangerous now becomes deadly.

My Thoughts- This series is so fun and full of twists. Our main character Kate is a hand-full. She is not afraid to face danger to help the ones she loves. She is quirky and full of spirit. Her powers develop more fully in this book and Kate learns more of what it means to be a seer and battle darkness. Her relationship with her grandfather also grows, which adds a nice element to the story.

The love story between her and Patrick continues, and you realize the extremes both will go to, to save the other. Plus, there’s some time traveling involved that sends you for a loop.

Then we have Kate’s best friend Lee, a character I truly love. She is funky and flamboyant. In this book she goes through rainbow days, weeks where she only wears one color for everything, including her hair. So fun. Lee is also one of the driving forces behind Kate. Together the two meet the epitome of best friendome.

The writing in this book is great, the plot is full of surprises and twists, the story is emotionally heart-wrenching, and the characters are well fleshed out and full of depth. Demons is a great YA paranormal that I highly recommend.

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