Friday, September 28, 2012

SEND by Patty Blount

SEND- It Only Takes One Click, is a contemporary YA novel by Patty Blount. Published by Sourcebooks, it hit shelves in August.

The Story- Five years ago Ken did a dumb thing, he clicked send, and the result caused a death and cost him a year in juvie. Now, with his named changed to Dan, he is completing his senior year of high school in a new town, where nobody knows his real story.

On the very first day of school Dan rescues a boy from a bully, making him a friend and an enemy in one shot. He also meets Julie, the girl who stood by and watched the bullying without stepping in. Dan tries to remain invisible and keep his past a secret, but now that he is in the sights of the local bully, his attempts are in vain.

Then there’s Julie, and the more he gets to know her, the more he likes her. One problem, she looks at him like she knows his secret.

My Thoughts- This is a really thought provoking book. The premise is that just one act can cause a world of harm, and that one act will haunt you forever. Dan is a remarkable young man. The crime he committed five years before is just a silly prank, but because of a build-up of insults and bullying, a child commits suicide. His mother knows Dan is a wonderful boy, but Dan cannot see it within himself. The book takes us through a cathartic journey of healing and understanding.

Because of Dan’s past, he is in the unique position to know what may happen if a child is pushed too far. The reader is able to see several different sides of the bullying issue from a reformed bully, a victim, and a current bully.  Plus, we get to see how the family of a bully victim suffers too.

The one thing that bugged me was the fact that Dan hears voices. I guess it is a sign of him being broken and his psyche crushed, but still, it was creepy. I could have done without “Kenny”.

All together this book is full of surprises, tension, and healing. There is a bit of violence, including gun violence, and mentions of sex. I’d recommend it for ages 14 and up.