Monday, September 17, 2012

The Sweetest Spell by Suzanne Selfors

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And now...the book!

I have a fabulous YA fairy tale to review today. It is, The Sweetest Spell, by Suzanne Selfors. Published by Walker, a division of Bloomsbury Teens, it just hit shelves.

The Story- Emmeline Thistle was thrown away at birth, literally. Because of a misshapen foot, her midwife left her in the woods to die. Luckily, a herd of cows found her and kept her warm and feed.

But, dark tales surround Emmeline’s survival, and many in her home village of Root blame every wrong on her presence. Emmeline’s second miracle occurred when she survived the flood that destroyed the rest of her village. Washed ashore in another village, Emmeline is nursed back to health by the Oak family, a dairy farm family.

One day Owen Oak, the only son, teaches Emmeline to churn butter. But, what comes out of her churn isn’t butter, it is chocolate. And chocolate has not been seen in their country for over a century. Soon Emmeline is a target to every greedy, power-hungry person in the kingdom, and only Owen’s love and her own sharp wits, can save her.

My Thoughts- Two thumbs up! I really loved this book. The story is original and full of scenes that I never would have thought up myself. Emmeline is an amazing character, who despite all odds, rises to the top and survives in a land that not only despises her because of her heritage, but finds her weak because of her handicap.

Emmeline’s remarkable journey takes you from scene to scene, where she meets the most interesting and deplorable characters. The publisher calls this book a re-telling of The Ugly Duckling, and it does follow many of its characteristics, especially because of the characters main journey. But, there is no magical transformation from misshapen to perfect. The change is actually that of the country people’s feelings towards ‘dirt scratchers’, Emmeline’s people.

The book is told from the point of views of both Emmeline and later Owen. In this way the author develops a love story that is two sided and rich. The author also is able to take the reader on a bit of a ride, because though you know Emmeline and Owen will somehow reconnect, they keep missing each other and this leads to several mishaps.

A really good story, perfect for ages 10 and up. Check out Suzanne's Facebook Fan page here!

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  1. I've wanted this book for awhile just because I think the summary is hilarious. I read Mad Love by Selfors and wasn't a huge fan, but I do have higher hopes for this one.

  2. A butter churn that makes chocolate?! I am so there! Sounds great!

  3. Two years ago I was introduced to The Sweetest Spell, and have reread it many times in succession since then. It is by far one of my absolute favorite books. No matter how many times I read it I still find myself holding my breath and unable to put it down until it is finished. Then I can't wait to read it again!