Friday, October 5, 2012

Foxfire by Karen Kincy

Looking for YA paranormal shape shifters? Then Foxfire by Karen Kincy is for you. Book 3 in the Other series, it hits shelves on October 8, 2012.

The Story- Tavian and Gwen head to Japan to stay with Tavian’s grandparents. While there Tavian begins losing his shape shifting fox powers and grows ill. At the same time a violent gang follows Tavian’s every move and shape shifting humans/dogs chase him.

To cure his illness Tavian most uncover his past, find his lost mother, and learn the truth about who is father was and how he died.

My Thoughts- An enjoyable paranormal adventure. It is a quick read, but is full of story. Tavian is a fox spirit shape shifter who was abandoned by his mother and adopted by a Japanese family in Seattle, WA. Tavian’s quest to find out about his past seems very relatable in today’s real world full of families torn apart, and since it is a paranormal family, all the better.

The story moves and flows well. The reader eagerly follows Tavian's journey, and the mysteries surrounding his true self. I also liked this faceless character that keeps appearing, really creepy.

On a personal note, book 1 of the Other series was all about Gwen, and I really liked it. She is a shape shifting Pooka that kicks butt. But, book 2 and 3 focus on Tavian, and Gwen is just a side character as his girl friend. I'd love more books from Gwen's perspective. 

If you haven’t started the series yet, I’d pick it up.

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