Friday, October 19, 2012

The Maelstrom- The Tapestry book 4 by Henry H. Neff

Today’s review is book 4 in The Tapestry Series by Henry H Neff, entitled The Maelstrom. It will hit shelves Oct. 23, 2012.

The Story-Max McDaniels, The Hound of Rowan, returns to Rowan Academy to face grave news. Prusias, a demon lord, is taking over Blys and will declare war on Rowan if Arch mage Bram is not turned over along with Max’s Sword the gae bolga. The academy director has 6 weeks to make a decision, after that, Prusias’ army will attack.

Max and his best friend, high mage David, do all they can to find a weakness that will destroy Prusias’ new weapons of destruction, but time runs out, and war is eminent. To make matters worse, the demon Astaroth makes a juicy preposition, if Max kills the arch mage Bram, Astaroth will save Rowan and its entire people.
The three children of Old Blood Mina, Max, and David are all needed to defeat this newest disaster.

My Thoughts- Another great book by Neff. I enjoy this new world where humanity has forgotten who they are and the last bastions of humanity are sparse. The author has created a bleak landscape of destruction.

The characters are just as fun and in depth as in previous books. Mina steps forward in this book to come more fully into herself. Her powers are secretive and fun to speculate about. Max is a true hero, fighting his 
inner Old Magic and the Morrigan, which seek bloodshed, and holding true to his values as a red branch member. His immortal father gives his character the ability to be wise and courageous beyond his years.

There is plenty of good old fighting, a quest, and magic to make this book a great addition to The Tapestry series.

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