Monday, December 3, 2012

The 13th Reality- The Void of Mist and Thunder by James Dashner

For MMGM today I am taking a look at the upper middle grade novel, The 13th Reality- The Void of Mist and Thunder by James Dashner. The concluding book in The 13th reality series, it is published by Shadow Mountain

The Story-
As we begin this story we find Tick, Mr. Chu and Mistress Jane lost in the Nonex, a no-man’s land of no escape. Of course our hero Tick has other plans. In his attempt at escape, he finds himself captured by the fourth dimension, a void of mist and thunder. It has invaded reality and is attempting to destroy all the known worlds.

Tick is able to rejoin his friends, The Realiants, but only for a brief time before he is captured by the evil Mr. Chu. Now, at Mr. Chu’s mercy, Tick is told he will be sacrificied to allow Mr. Chu absolute power over the realities and the void.

Desperate, The Realiants gather their forces, but the battle is huge, with Mr. Chu’s forces on one side, and the destructive void on the other. Will Tick be able to save the day?

My Thoughts-
This is a great book with cross-over appeal. I’ve enjoyed the mysterious stories of Tick and his friends as they grow and try to expand upon their powers. Tick is a lovable hero, with values and the normal flaws found with a youth. He puts his family and friends first, which often causes problems, but hey, that’s what sub plots are for.

Since this is the concluding book in the series I want to mention how well I think Dashner wraps things up. Friends and enemies are forced to work together to keep the realities from being destroyed, there is even redemption for Mistress Jane, who I’ve always thought had a good spot deep down. The ultimate ending is all about love and sacrifice, and rings true of the whole story.

I think that in this series Dashner really stretched the bounds and came through with some unique ideas and storylines. And that’s what makes a good book to me. It has to be something fresh, exciting, and not the same themes as other books out there. You can tell his talents stretches beyond the norm by looking at his YA series, The Maze Runner. Wow, now that’s imagination opened on a platter.

Here are the books in the 13th Reality Series:


  1. I love James Dasher so I may have to check out the series.

    1. It's a really good one. I actually read the first one before I'd even heard of maze runner.

  2. Sounds cool, Dorine! I've read Maze Runner, but not this series.