Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Book Review- The Alchemists Academy Book 2- Elemental Explosions by Kailin Gow

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The Story- 
Summer is over and classes have once again begun at the Alchemists Academy. All the friends are back including: Wirt, Priscilla, Alana, and Spencer. And poor Wirt, Spencer is no longer his roommate. Instead the new boy, Roland is setting up house. Wirt soon learns that there is more to Roland than there seems, and it is not good.

This school year at the academy focuses on testing. It will determine whether you will be allowed into the elite third year group. There are only 14 spaces, and the final space goes to whomever wins a fight to the death. Things are getting a bit hairy!

My Thoughts-
It was nice to see what was happening to Wirt and his friends. At the end of book one I wasn't sure who the good and bad guys were, still don't, though I know Roland is involved. This second book seems incomplete to me. Where the first book had a beginning, middle and end, this one just chops off mid story, making you wait for book 3. I didn't enjoy that. I think a book should tell a whole story. Overall series arcs are fine, but give me a full story please.

I have to say that Wirt's character is getting interesting. He is growing into his powers and several hints from teachers foretell he has great stuff in his future. The story is interesting and has great potential, I just won't know if it fulfills that potential until I get to read more, if I do. So this review is going to end on a questioning note- sorry.

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