Friday, January 11, 2013

Book Review+ Giveaway- Poison by Molly Cochran

For today's YA book review I am taking a look at Poison by Molly Cochran. Book 2 in the Legacy series. The publisher provided me with a copy, so I'm offering it up to one lucky winner as a giveaway. Just fill out the rafflecopter form below.

The Story-
Katy and Peter are now together, however life is not that simple. Peter's Uncle has taken an interest in him, and they've made a deal. Peter will work for his uncle in return for tuition to Harvard. Slowly Peter's Uncle begins to take over his life, and Katy sees him less and less.

With plenty of unwelcome time on her hands, Katy makes a new friend, Morgan. Morgan is a shape shifter and works at her Aunt's store in town. They become fast friends, but something is just a little off about Morgan.

And meet Bryce, the new kid in town. He comes from Avalon and is on a retrieval mission to re-capture a missing sorceress. All these new characters are in Whitfield, but so is The Darkness, and it is ready to kill.

My Thoughts-
I enjoyed the continuing story of Katy and Peter. The arrival of two new characters are a great catalyst. The reader can feel there is something wrong with Morgan, we just don't know what until the story progresses. And Bryce has a great arrival in town. He shows up dressed as a monk and speaking Old English. He is a real mystery, and as the story moves on, we learn that he has a key role to play.

A new twist is the addition of the King Arthur and Merlin legend. I am a little tired of Merlin stories, but I am happy to say that this book takes it to a whole new and different level, and doesn't focus solely on Merlin. The author adds some creative twists to a tired story.

There were a couple things that troubled me. First, Hattie, a character who I love from book 1, seems to turn anti-Katy. It is weird. She feels mean spirited and insulting. I didn't like the knew change. Also, the story did not feel as adventurous as book 1. It is a creative story, but I just didn't feel the tension that I felt with Legacy.

Overall it is a good read, and if you haven't read book one first, I suggest you do. The witches of Whitfield are a fascinating bunch, and I look forward to more of their trials.

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  1. Sophie Mercer from the Hex Hall series.

  2. Good review, I may have to pick these up. :) I loved the Hex Hall series...(commenting on the above comment now)

  3. Eden from the Reckless Magic series. She's too cute!

  4. I have to agree with Lisa. Sophie. Love her!

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  6. I have book one and have been waiting on this release so I could start this series!
    Well, Sophie of course!

  7. Book witch would be Kendra from Beastly.. There is also a 1980 movie -called Teen Witch- that starred Robin Lively who played Louise.

  8. Anyone out there watch Charmed? Loved that TV show.

  9. Ooh! Thanks for the heads up on this one. I liked the first in the series.

  10. Maggie O’Neill from the Bewitching series by Madeline Alt

  11. Hermione from HP. I know its cliche but I stand by my belief that she would have made a much better main character.