Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Review- The Magician's Tower by Shawn Thomas Odyssey

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Welcome to Marvelous Middle Grade Monday! Today I am reviewing The Magician’s Tower by Shawn Thomas Odyssey. It is the sequel to The Wizard of Dark Street, and hits stores Feb. 26th.

The Story-
Oona Crate is the apprentice to the Wizard of Dark Street. This year the Magician’s Tower Contest is happening, and Oona is finally old enough to enter. The contest is divided into dangerous tasks, and at each level, someone is eliminated. The ultimate goal is to accomplish the final task, opening a wooden box at the top of the tower. No one in two hundred years has completed the final task.

But, it seems like someone is cheating, and Oona is determined to find out who and how.

My Thoughts-
First off, I never read the first book in the series, and this book didn’t confuse me at all. The character of Oona is interesting. She is overwhelmed by guilt over the deaths of her mom and sister. So much so, that she rarely uses magic. She even agrees to complete the contest without its help. This is a shame, because I found that I wanted her to use her magic. Throughout the story we hear how powerful she is as a natural magician, but we don’t get to see it. Too bad.

However, Oona is very witty and smart. She uses her mental talents to solve the tower contest’s puzzles and also to solve mysteries as an amateur detective.

I enjoyed the fun flavor of the book.  The tasks the contestants had to complete were weirdly unique, and I liked reading about flying carpets and angry monkeys. This is a great middle grade book that I think kids 8 and up will find appealing.


  1. It's good when you can pick up a series without reading book 1, but too bad we don't see more of her magical powers. Thanks for the review.

  2. The cover and title caught my eye! It seems a little unusual that she doesn't use her magic...hmmm....

  3. I agree, but she is such a spunky character that the book reads well. I'm guessing she used her magic in book 1 and there were problems, so she's wary.

  4. LOVE this cover! It sounds like an interesting book. I enjoy trying to solve puzzles. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. It is cute, and it is actually part of the story.