Saturday, February 16, 2013

Escape from Furnace- Execution by Alexander Gordon Smith

I'm just going to go straight into the story. Execution is the fifth and final book in the Escape From Furnace series.

The Story-
Alex Sawyer is no longer human, he is a monster. Everyday he struggles to control the dark nectar from taking over his mind. The military has captured him, and he hopes they mean to help him and his friends. But, what Alex discovers, is a mad scientist, masquerading as a doctor.

Alfred Furnace controls the outside world, his monsters killing and causing havoc. Alex knows that the only way to win the battle is to kill Furnace, but at what cost will it be to Alex and his own soul.

My Thoughts-
Holy Crap! This whole series is way over the top. There is so much mayhem and cruelty it is unbelievable. The author has a knack for horror. The fifth book is on par with all the others, and is a fitting conclusion.

Truth is, I couldn't see how this series was going to end, but Alexander Smith pulls surprises out of the air at every turn. The ending is all about hope, something I felt all the other books lacked. From the very 1st book, Alex is sliding downhill, and nothing can stop him. But as a reader, you are so engaged in his story that you just keep reading, unable to put the books down. The only thing that keeps you going is the fact the Alex continues to remember his name even as his body changes.

The stories are complex, full of action, tension and weirdness. I don't know how this author dreamed up all the things he did, he is a true master. 5 stars, but not for the faint of heart.


  1. I have GOT to read these books!!!! I had an ARC for book 3 last year and gave it away. Now I regret it.

    1. They are pretty intense. Know that before you start.


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