Friday, February 15, 2013

Fractured Soul by Rachel McClellan

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The Story-
We find our heroine, Llona at Lucent academy training to be an Aura, a person of light and goodness. The problem is that the teachers all want the Aura's to be the same, all passive and non competitive. Llona grew up in the outside world, and thinks that philosophy is a joke.

At night Llona sneaks out into the woods to run and find time to herself. She also finds Vykens, soul sucking killers. Luckily, Llona knows how to fight. However, deep within her soul she is aware that something is wrong, that she is craving the violence of fighting and killing.

Christian is at the school too, and even he senses that something wonky is going on. There are way too many Vykens around, and some are even appearing on campus. Together, Llona and Christian uncover a devastating plot that will destroy all they hold dear.

My Thoughts-
I enjoyed the story. Llona is a kick butt character, who is able to defend herself and not be cowed. I found her relationship with Christian a little dull, but he is also the only one to stand by her side. There's great friendship too. Llona finds two female friends that bond with her. Together they watch out for each other, and unravel the plot at Lucent Academy.

I wish the fight scenes had been a little more intense. I didn't feel that Llona was ever in any real danger. But the scene at the end, great. I wish there had been more scenes like that.

I really think this series has potential, and Llona is such a good character. I think teens will enjoy both books in the series.

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