Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marketing 101 with Jessica Schein

For inside the publishing world Wednesday I am going to highlight points brought up in the SCBWI  WWA meeting last week. Our guest was Jessica Schein, a former associate marketing director with Scholastic. The number one tool Jessica focused on was Social Media.

"You have to sell yourself. Don't bombard people- build relationships." She gave us some interesting stats-
67% of internet users use Facebook. Of those the largest groups are women and adults ages 18-29.
16% of internet users use Twitter. Of those the largest groups are adults 18-29, African-Americans and Urban dwellers.
15% of internet users use Pinterest. Of those the largest groups are women, adults under 50, and people with some college background.

So, lets start with the basics.

#1 Have a blog.
Jessica told us that blogging is about participating in your own community, writing about other people's works. It is not all me, me, me.

Interesting stat- people only spend about 96 seconds on a blog, around 250-500 words. So have a post, not a New Yorker article.

#2 Get a Facebook account. You decide whether to use your personal page or a fan page. Personally, I keep my personal page for family and friends. I have an author page for fans and book information.

Her interesting stat- Facebook has 1 million monthly users worldwide. Some might say that FB is on the way out, but you can't mess with the huge numbers.

#3 Become a tweeter. The key to twitter is interacting. Fill out your profile completley, promote and congratulate others, and engage multiple times per day.

Another interesting fact- The hot times to tweet are 9 am and 1 pm Eastern Time.

#4 Pin it! Get a Pinterest account and follow the publishers, writers and authors you love. For those who don't already use it, Pinterest is like a big scrapbook of photos and you can re-pin photos you love.

#5 Other hangouts. Find what you are comfortable with. There's YouTube, Skype, Google and Goodreads.

In the end, if all else fails, "Pictures of dogs work on social media!" says Jessica.
You can follow Jessica on twitter @Jess_schein 


  1. Thanks for this - some good tips and reminders. Need to work out Pinterest still!

  2. Pinterest is so fun. Way too may food pics though. lol.